Paleo Diet and My Acne

By Alyssa

salad paleo diet

The paleo diet has been around for years but it was just recently when I decided to give it a try. Actually, at first, I was not aware that I'm doing the Paleo diet. I just went to see if cutting bread, rice, pasta, sugar, and processed foods out of my system would make any difference. When I researched recipes of a grain-free diet, that's when I found out. "Oh that's what Paleo diet's all about." – minus cutting legumes as well.

Changing my diet has been fairly easy since I have been eating healthy for a while now. I drink green smoothies almost every morning. I already cut sugar months before. And I have been eating baby carrots and celery as snack. Before I used to eat brown rice but it’s making no difference: I still get humongous pimples. So I decided to substitute my staple food to quinoa. I thought cutting bread was hard. But after a while of refusing bread and pastries, I don’t crave it at all and I don’t have to remind myself that I have to refuse. 

Only two weeks have passed, my new-found eating lifestyle started making changes on my complexion. I don't look tired. I don’t feel bloated. My skin is supply and my pores got smaller. And the best part: my pimples started to dried out. At the end of the 14th day, I felt more confident with my skin (of course still with makeup because, duh, I have scars). But I started to reason out: "Maybe it's because I'm eating healthy, not because I'm specifically sensitive to sugar and all." But after a day or so, I came to my friend's house. There, I ate two big pieces of kuboos bread (made with wheat flour) and for dessert, I ate a slice of cake and a cookie. Then *boom* FOUR NEW BIG PIMPLES that night and I feel bloated. Also, dry rashes on my arms reappeared. And I look really really tired the day after. Why did I ever left a room for doubt?

Fast forward seven days, I am still back on track. My pimples are healing again and I don't look like a living dead. Now, I decided to cut grain and processed foods forever. That means no corn, no rice, no white or wheat or multigrain bread, no Oreo, no regular oatmeal, no regular brownies, no fastfood. A lot of no's, yes, but I felt free. Now, I know what causes my acne after seven years of research…seven years of trial and error. And I know that I'm getting there – having an acne-free face. And all I need know is time and consistency.


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