Pollution Does Cause Problems To The Body!

by: JYHeleneK

My turning point in life would have to be to move to Hong Kong. Although I must say that I learned a lot, there, at the same time, it damaged my health and body and my face, due to my acne history.

I never would have thought that pollution would be such a turning point. But because I experienced it. I can tell you that from my point of view that pollution is bad for the human body.

I lived in Hong Kong for exactly two years, as the months went by, there were a lot of things I would not dare to do and go to anymore.

First, I must say that I have always been a sportive kid, when I have a day off, I would go running or do some stretch or go to a dance lesson, anything to keep my body in shape.

And you know what, the moment I start dancing or running, I would definitely not think of my appearance, especially not my acne,

But as the months went on, every time I did my usual 5K, I would start having rashes and problem breathing outside. I would do my best to finish my 5K, but nothing was working, my body was just suffering from something which I did not know why.

And my skin, I never understood why Hong Kong people would put masks before sleeping. But again while time was passing, I was noticing that my skin was not normal. It was dry and it felt like my skin was dying. So my colleagues told me to put on masks. Which I followed, I put on the ones of  (Korean brand). And it does make a difference! You feel that your skin is moisturized and all.

My aunts tell me that it is because of the humidity and the pollution coming from cars and factories.

Worst of all my acne, kept on building up, like a wall. My parents did not recognize me, when I sent them a picture of my face. For them it was worst than my father, who had it pretty bad when he was younger (he still has scars from it). And this was something, I wanted to avoid. Now and probably for the rest of my life, I feel like that I would need to hide my face from people with make up. Which is sad, because everybody should feel beautiful in their own way. But we live in a world full of adverts that criticize everything. If people could not bully others that have a handicap or have bad skin, life would be so much fairer for everybody and every persons confidence would be much better.


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