What You Eat Matters!

by: JYHeleneK

I am trying since a few weeks to try to stop eating food with dairy products. This may seem impossible, because nowadays everything is made with milk: from cheese, to yogurt to biscuits to pastries etc.

I decided to stop eating this particular product, because I read a lot of articles and watched a lot of YouTube videos.

And as it happens, I am starting to have issues digesting products such as plates with cream. Belgium people love to cook with cream and every time I went to a restaurant, a pain would start in my stomach, making me uncomfortable.

So to say, I am almost saying bye bye to ice cream, to cheese, to chocolates (Belgium is famous for chocolates) etc. And these I must say are my favorite food!

Of course, I will do cheat days on the long term, because living without dairy products is not healthy. You need those supplements in your body. But for the moment, every time I am buying a product, I look at the composition of what it is made of.

I have some other issues, but I believe that this is for another report.

I also tried to stop eating fried things, such as Fries (Belgium is known for Fries too), fried meat buns etc. I believe that fried food creates a skin that is oily and in the end makes you have pimples. (And by the way, my stomach is also not digesting it properly anymore and creates stomach pain).   

Other food, I try not to eat is chocolates, according to Asian culture, chocolates inflames your body and later creates pimples. I believe this because I love chocolates, it is one of my comfort food, but every time I eat a few, the next day. I find myself with two new acne pimples.

The same for nuts,this includes peanuts, cashew nuts etc. Nuts are products that fill your stomach, when you are longing for snacks when you feel a bit hungry. Well every time I eat nuts, I get new big pimples, not small ones but huge ones, like cystic acne.

In other words, if you want to have less acne and have a beautiful healthy skin, you should really eat clean. Try it because you would not believe the differences.

I believe in it because I lived on congee and steamed veggies for 6 to 8 months and not having the proper vitamins/supplements. But my skin definitely got better. And now that I am trying my best not to eat dairy products, my skin is clearer.

I know it will be hard in the beginning, but I am doing my best to have a better skin. By leaving with just fruits, vegetables, brown rice, seeds etc.

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