A Cleansing Brush for All Skin types

A Cleansing Brush for All Skin types
by Kali Kushner

I've never been a huge fan of facial cleansing brushes. Either the brush heads themselves are too irritating on my sensitive skin or the exfoliation is too harsh. Plus, I'm a firm believer in using exfoliation only in moderation, at the max 3 days a week. Because over exfoliation is a real thing and many times can actually worsen the skins condition rather than help it.

Some people swear by the Clarisonic and cleansing brushes like it, but those types of bristle headed brushes have never done it for me. They've always ended up making my skin red, irritated, dry, and more times than not- broken out worse than when I began. So, for a while there I pretty much swore of all cleansing brushes without giving them a second glance while walking through the isles at Sephora or Ulta.

I was positive I had put all cleansing brushes in the past; that is, until I stumbled upon the Qyk Sonic Zoe. Different from any cleansing brush I've ever seen it included two silicone sides, one for cleansing and another for product application. It's important to remember, as technology evolves, so does the skincare industry. So, forget about those old scratchy bacteria gathering brush heads and make way for new and improved gentle silicone cleansing brushes.

Zoe features


Zoe is the world's first 3-in-1 anti-aging sonic beauty brush that cleanses, massages, and applies skincare products. It stands out against other silicone brushes for several reasons. First of all, it has a unique petal shaped design; meaning that you can get into all the nooks and crannies of your face. Under your eyeballs, close to your nose, and even inside of your ears if you really wanted too.

It's made of ultra-hygienic, medical grade antimicrobial silicone; making for a more hygienic cleansing device when compared to other bristle brush heads that easily gather bacteria. The ZOE also includes 15 adjustable smart sonic massage settings and over 2000 biometrically positioned touch points. If that’s not enough, you never have to replace the brush heads, ever! Once you buy one, you're done. The charge lasts 300 uses too so if you're only using it once a night you won't need to recharge it for an entire year. It's pretty much the best thought out skincare device you never knew you needed (until now, of course).

My experience with the Zoe

One of the best changes I've made to my skincare routine has been integrating the Qyk Sonic Zoe. I'm not even kidding ya'll. Its helped clear my skin and scarring so much. Now, instead of cystic spots I only get the occasional whitehead or blackhead which tends to go away within a few days. The transition has been pretty immediate too, seeing results just after a month. That's quick for me considering cysts were forming a habit of popping up weekly and staying for months; I'm amazed to say the least. This has become a permanent part of my skincare routine and now I can't imagine life without it.

I did try, as instructed, to use the device every single day however, after two weeks my skin started to become irritated and slightly raw. I decided daily use wasn't for me, I honestly should've known better based on my extremely sensitive skin type. So, instead I cut back to using the cleansing side twice a week, sometimes three for a deeper clean. When it comes to the product applying and massaging side, I continued use every single night without any unwanted side effects. If anything, it actually gives my face a nice glow and boost of oxygen by increasing circulation.

Because I only do my skincare routine once a day at night, that's when I use the ZOE as well. The results aren't really noticeable before I go to sleep BUT as soon as I wake up my skin looks incredible; plump, dewy, glowing and blemish free! It never fails, every single time I wake up, my skin looks better than the night before. I love applying products with the ZOE because I can use less product, apply it evenly, and its super hygienic. Even if you wash your hands before applying products there is still a natural oil that can transfer from your hands to your face AND your hands can actually absorb the product instead of putting them where you want them to go (on your face).

I also really enjoy that it is easy to clean and dries super-fast. If you've ever tried disinfecting a cleansing brush before, you know that it's not the most enjoyable task. That, and you have to do it after every time you clean your face not to spread acne causing bacteria, so the easier and more convenient to clean, the better. The ZOE is super easy to clean. It takes like 30 seconds maybe and dries within the hour. If you've ever tried another cleansing brush with bristles, you know how annoying they are to clean and most of the time it's almost impossible to reach in-between every single bristle. I love that the ZOE completely eliminates the hassle and makes it as easy as possible for a worry-free wash.


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