A Message To All The Make Up Haters

By Angel

I have a confession.

I love makeup.

I love the art of it, I love the beauty of it, I love the smell of it, I don't always love the price, but I love the creativeness that it allows you to have.

I love makeup!

In today's world, we are often chastised for our love of something that is used to enhance our beauty, we hear people who are saying that it's caking your face, and changing your appearance, or they don't like it, or someone once told them that they didn't need it so they have grown to either hate it, never learn how to use it properly, or my personal favorite; shun others for using it.

Why is that? Why do people tell people those harsh things? Why do people say, makeup is bad, makeup is a waste of is the devil!? Why would someone be so cruel to something they ever tried themselves?

I personally have yet to figure this out, so if you do - then let me know. Please!

The only close explanation that I can come up with would be, that they are afraid of makeup. As any one should be, you add too much of something it can be clownish, you add too little it can be unfinished. I get it. But that still doesn't mean it's a crime when people wear it... ( sidenote : unless people are consistently doing it wrong and think they are doing it right...then that is in fact - crime. A fashion crime)

I am simply here to tell you,  makeup wearing is not a crime.

It may not be for you,  and that's okay....but it is NOT A crime.

I love to put makeup on people who don't believe in the power and creativity of makeup. It's like they are transformed and they finally see that makeup isn't soemthing scary, it's just something they haven't learned how to do.

I have taught makeup application to teens, and adults and in each of my classes, there is always one person who is so terrified of makeup and the thought of applying it, that I have to show them that it's totally fine to be afriad, but if you give it a try...learn some tips and tricks you will for sure appreciate it's beauty and begin to love applying and buying it!

I have brought many a girls over to the dark side. Most of them would merely be afraid because if celebrity or high fashion makeup, and I reassure them that it is totally fine to be a basic makeup wearer. If you can master the smokey eye... great! If not, don't worry. But don't be afraid to try.

It's very inspiring watching people who were afraid of something simple as their face in makeup change into someone who loves to wear it daily, and tries new tricks and buys the latest brands!

Makeup doesn't have to be complicated in order for you to enjoy it. It simply has to be what u want to see if your face. If you want to contour ...perfect, if you can master the winged eyeliner perfectly on  other eyes, I'm jealous, if you can beat ur brows into submission, again jealous, and if you can simply match your foundation perfectly then that's awesome!

Do what suits you and your face. But don't knock it until you try it. Or knock others for wearing it, ans loving it.

Repeat after me, Makeup wearing is not a crime. It's a choice.

If you wanna come to the dark side of eyeliner, highlighters, and concealer...COME ON....if not....we will not judge you through our perfectly applied eyelashes.

Makeup is an art. Take a an artist.

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