A Model's Skin Care Secrets with Alexandria Morgan

A Model's Skin Care Secrets with Alexandria Morgan

Who Is Alexandria Morgan?

Alexandria is an American model signed with Glamoir Model Management. She is also known for her appearances in magazines like Vogue Italy and as one of the faces of GUESS. She grew up in Morton, Illinois and studied at The King's College in New York for one year


Alexandria: I'm gonna share with you guys the products that really work for me because I know the struggle of having acne. I've struggled with acne, basically since I went through puberty and now it’s like the first season in my life I really feel like I have control of it and I've been through a lot of trial and error of trying products. So anytime I find things that work for me I really really want to share them with you guys. Even if this just helps clear up one person's skin besides me, I will feel good because I really know if they struggle. Like, I know how hard it is especially when I was younger. Being a teenager with acne you just feel like that's all people see when they look at you and so I really want to help you guys out.

Anyways, hello my friends and welcome back to my parents very distracting dining room because that's the only room in this house with good lighting. As it would be, so that's where I'm going to be filming today.

Sorry for not posting in so long and just being MIA. I was busy with some work stuff and then I just took a social media break. Which I highly recommend. I think it's so good and so important for your mental health and just to unwind and just chill at the moment taking a little me time. And my favourite place to do that is Illinois, where I'm from. So I'm just kicking it in my parents’ dining room, and I thought I'd make a video for you guys today.

So since, I've been having just kind of like a me time, treat yourself week in Illinois to just unwind and you know reset so to speak. That has involved a lot of treating myself to red wine, chocolate, Taco Bell quesadilla. Basically, just you know junk food.

How Do Models Have Perfect Skin?

So, well, I'm a big fan of treating yourself. My skin not so much right now. It is kind of just like been not cooperating like it's been patchy and blotchy. Basically saying hey girl, maybe you should not treat yourself so much so I wanted to share with you guys my favorite way to kind of reset my skin. Re-stimulate like the cell growth, build new collagen. Most importantly, cause this is one of my biggest battles is get rid of my acne scars.

If you've seen my videos before or you've seen my work with Harper's Bazaar, you already know that I'm a big user of Banish Oil. I started using it like sometime last summer and I've just been obsessed with it ever since.

I’m into treating the little scars I have from previous breakouts. I'm going to use my Banish Oil. This stuff is amazing. I'm almost out of it because I've been just going through it so fast. But it's really, really helping diminish the look of my acne scars that I've had. Yeah, so Banish is something that I have been loving and my skin has been loving for a while now. I don't remember exactly to be honest, how I even discovered it. I think it was through someone's Twitter. I really wish I remember their user name because I needed to tell them thank you.

But anyway, Banish is like this really cool company. It started by someone who had acne and wanted like a more natural solution to curing it. Feel like so much of this stuff the dermatologist has given me in the past. When I went to a dermatologist, I was just so full of like chemicals and it ended up making my skin worse because I have super sensitive skin. So, sometimes natural is the way to do it. It is also cruelty-free which is great because I'm really, really trying to incorporate more cruelty-free brands of skincare makeup. Just everything my life because I think it's super important.

Cleanser for Dry Skin

Anyway enough with the jibjab. I'm going to get down to show you guys the goods. The first thing I want to show you guys is this cleanser which I used right before I started this video.

I have coffee breath really bad ,wow! But, anyway it's really great I haven't been using it for that long but my skin's been liking it a lot so far because it doesn't dry me out. Which a lot of cleansers do because I've got that combination skin thing going on. Which is always a good time, but I'm telling you guys this smells like I don't know, a Christmas cookie like my face has never smelt.. Smelt? Is that the word? Smelt better or felt better?. But yeah, I love. I don't know even if there's peppermint in here. It might be the tea tree oil, there's chamomile lavender all sorts of good stuff. Anyway, this smell is amazing. Banish, if you're watching this you guys, should make a perfume of this, I would totally buy it. But yes, so, since I got this I've been walking around asking people to smell my face. Great conversation starter as well so you know, can't go wrong well. My favorite things about this too, it has no sulfates. Which I recently just finished a Netflix binge of queer eye and if Jonathan from that show has taught me anything, it's no sulfates for your face or your hair so I've been really vain I'm a no sulfates train. I'm telling you never looking back. Thank you, Jonathan if you're watching this video.

So, not my face is all nice and cleanse. I'm going to show you guys the deep routine of how I'm gonna get rid of these scars and help my skin be reborn. So, the first thing I get is my Pore Smasher which I think I've shown in videos before. I popped it in the freezer for like half an hour and it is kind of numb my face. I mean it also smashes the pores obviously. But mainly, what I'm using it for right now is to numb my face before I use my Banisher because it is micro needles. I know it sounds scary. And trust me I'm someone who's terrified of needles. I got my ears pierced when I was 16 at Claire's and I was crying asking my mom if I could go home but they had already pierced one ear. She said, you can't look like a pirate.

It’s pretty traumatic... Umm... So, I hate needles. First, I’m hesitant. But, I ‘m telling you guys if I can do it, you can do it. So now that my face is nice numb, I'm gonna bust out my Banisher. Little guy can do wonders. Let me tell you. I'm gonna take some alcohol preferably like a cleaning alcohol not like fireball, you don't want to be cleaning this with that, that was a joke. That would not feel good to have fireball micro needled into your face.

How The Banisher Works on Acne Scars

Oh so, before I actually use the Banisher, I'm gonna tell you guys a little bit about how it works. It's basically these little micro needles and when you roll it onto your face, it makes little micro tears like tiny little tears on your skin's surface. So that then triggers your skin's collagen production to light up itself and try to repair itself and your skin's like, Whoa what do we do?! And we gotta kick it into overdrive! We got to make new skin cells! We got to get rid of these acne scars! So it's great for that and just great like I said in general even if it's not acne scars even if just like wanting that fresh new skin feeling. I think that this is great for that because it really does trigger the skin to heal and produce new collagen.

So, here we go, just kidding it doesn't hurt. Okay, what I do is just go really gentle and it's a little tingly I would say the pain is like. And I'm a baby, mind you when it comes to pain. I'd say like one out of ten if you've had period cramps, this is nothing. I'm trying to think of an example for people who don't get periods, I would say, sinus headache definitely worse than this. Yeah, so you want to go in one direction and then if you have to change directions, lift up. Rolling it up my forehead with a Banisher in my hand. So basically what this is doing too is like opening up my pores even more so when I put on my serum, it's gonna be super absorbed into my skin.

Don't Use the Banisher On Open Acne

One thing I do want to tell you guys if you have an open acne like, if you have a current pimple definitely don't roll over it because then that could spread the bacteria to the rest of your face so just kind of avoid that if you have any open acne. Just roll around it. Yeah, I like it's a weird feeling like it tingles a little bit but kind of feels good in a way like don't know how to explain it to you guys. Just had to see like so weird is this how acupuncture feels?

I'm going to take my Banish Oil which like I said in my video earlier, I've been using for a long time. I love it I don't think I've ever told you guys what's in it. A lot of vitamin C in it which is so good for repairing your skin and collagen in general. It also has rose hip oil which you know I love.

Just really I love the feeling. It's just so soft like butter gives you a nice little glow. My face is a little red now but that will go away that's kind of when you use the needle for. You will be red for a while for a while there. I just sit back and let my skin heal itself.

They also have a great Vitamin C Creme that I like to use at night. I'm not big on I discovered putting oil on my skin before bed because then I laid down and it gets sticky all over the pillow and there's scattered hair on my face been imprinted. So, sometimes a cream is better right before bed for me at least so I really been loving their vitamin C Creme and it just smells good as well.

Face Mask Recommendations

I love smelling skin care products. Is that weird? And this is Victoria who you have you seen my videos. She's rocking the pumpkin mask which I use all the time because we're kind of turning this into a spa day in the dining room but smells good and only appropriate because we are currently in Mortin, Illinois which is the pumpkin capital of the world. You gotta have a pumpkin mask in this video. So Victoria, thoughts? It smells delicious she's big I had to get her review because she's like the face match she'll only has a face mask on like every day so she's all about the masking. Now she's gonna go to Walmart rocking that look. No, I'm just kidding the old boy you might see him there.

Well thank you, Victoria for being the lovely model of this mask. Oh my gosh, well I know it looks weird on me too like and that might be funny.

One last Banish mask I want to show you guys before I skadoodle on out of here is the Activated Charcoal Masque, another mask which I've used in a video before. Loved it! I Use it once a week and it really does wonders for the skin. Don't know what accent like that was. I get just shocked about cat walking down the sidewalk.

So that's about it guys this is how I kind of just give my skin a new start and you know a fresh beginning a new spring yada-yada-yada and how I can I get rid of my acne scars

I'm happy to be able to share with you guys because of this partnership a unique discount code “Alexandria10” for these Banish products. If you try the products and they're not for you or you don't like them you have a 30 day money back guarantee which is great because as I've said before in a lot of my skincare videos, everyone's skin is different so what works for me might not always work for the next person.

Anyway, thank you guys for joining me in the dining room for this little skincare tutorial with Banish and I will catch you guys on the flip side!


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