African Black Soap: A Cure for Acne, Eczema, and More!

September 29, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

African Black Soap: A Cure for Acne, Eczema, and More!

By Kali Kushner 


Can African Black Soap CureMy Acne?

African black soap has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason! It tends to be a $5 miracle cure for acne,eczema, reducing fine lines, and even speedingupthe healing process ofcuts; but how much do we actually know about the product?Sure, we are totally aware it smells amazing and that it comes highly recommended by moms, aunts, brothers, sisters, and cousins alike but- itturns out Africanblacksoap is more than just a trendy name.It isactuallymadeby womenin the foothills of West Africa (most commonly Ghana)! This was shocking to find out because like most people, Inever thought twice about the name. I mistakenly assumed it was just like any other beauty product, but its heritage lies much, much deeper than that (a few centuries deep to be precise).

The Process of Making the Soap

TheAfricanblacksoaprecipe is specificto eachtribeor community from the ingredientsusedto the cookingtechniques implemented; which can be seen in thevariation of color within the soap.The soap itself isthemain source of income for these communities andthey rely onitfortheirrevenue, therefor the recipeis fair tradedand respected as a secret (mostly). Luckily due to packaging labelsand the exchange of information on theinternet, thereis some information that we do know about how it's made.

African black soap goes througha rigorous two-week process before the final product isofficiallyready foruse.To start, localleaves and bark aregathered,sundried, and thencooked at an eventemperature to ensure the correct color and smell is fully achieved. Cocoa pods are crushed, burned, andthe ashes are sprinkled into the mixture. Then water, Coconut oil, orShea Butter is gently stirred into the soap for onefull day,andthe soap is left alone toform for two full weeks.

Interestingly enough,spiritual beliefs go into the soap making as well. When the women all come together to create thesoap they must be in good terms withtheir husbands,family, and each other or they cannot proceed to move forward. They'renot permitted to use wrongful or abusive language while making the soap; in belief that if they speak bad, the soap itselfwill be compromised. Theyalsobelieve if bad news is given to them or their community while they are making the soap, that the batch has been tainted as well. Although it may seemsuperstitious to some, this isa part of an ancient tradition and an aspectthat is seen as highly important to the soap makers.




 How the Ingredients Workto Help Heal Skin

African black soap works inseveral different (amazing) ways to helpnurturethe skin; It contains vitamin Ato help increase collagen production, vitamin E torestore and protect the skin,Shea butter to soothe and soften the skin, and cocoa pod powderwhich acts as anantioxidantandanti-inflammatory compound.Not to mention African black soap helps to even out skin tone by fading discolorations and improving skin texture for more even glowing skin.

It's gentler than moststore-bought cleansers so it doesn't strip the skin of its essential oils, but rather gently removes dead skin cells and excess debris.Plus, it is 100% all natural and organic with noadded chemicals,fragrances,sulfates, mineral oils,or dyes. It is considered so pure that in some parts of West Africa black soap is used to wash off newborn babies straight out of theirmother's womb!Sold on it yet? I am,'causeeeI'm pretty sure that if it's gentle enough for a newborn, its gentle enough for me.



 My Personal Experiencewith African Black Soap

Perhaps one of the closest things I've found toa cure for acne is...(*cue drum roll*)African Black Soap by Shea Moisture!Trust me when I sayI've tried everything from the cavemanregimen and antibiotics to afull course ofAccutane and nothing has worked at permanently keeping my acne away until I found this little $5 bar of soap. Iwish I would've known this before the thousands of dollars I spent on useless products but hey you live and you learn I guess! I simply use it twice a day, morning and night. All you need to do is wet your hands a little with cool water, rub the soap between your palms, lather your face, rinse, and repeat!

For some weird reason whenever I use it on active acne it tends to tingle a little bit at first, but the sensation quickly fades away along with thespots.Of course, I still get spots sometimes, but I've come to accept as someone who struggles with acne that occasional spots areinevitable, maybe I will grow out of it eventually but for now this little bar of soap is thebeezkneez at keeping my skin at bay.So, if youhaven't tried it yet, I urge you too!Plus, ifit just so happens not to work on your skin type, you're onlyout five buckaroos, so what do you really have to lose?


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