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Aloe Vera Gel has some amazing benefits for acne scars! After I applied aloe vera gel on my acne scars for a week, I saw the texture of my skin greatly improved! 

Cystic Acne Caused My Scars

I hadn’t had cystic acne on my cheek for months! So imagine my disappointment when I got twohuge acne cysts on my right cheek right in the middle of my final exams. They hurt like hell, were tomato-red, and were filled with pus (sorry if you’re feeling disgusted), but the worst part was that they left indents after they were gone. After two weeks, I returned home and looked into my bathroom’s  mirror, and the lighting was such, that the right side of my face looked scarred and bumpy and just insanely ugly. This was one ofthosemirrors; the one’s that bring out every imperfection in the most prominent way.

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I tried to get over it and ignore it. I tried to tell myself that time would make it better. But despite everything, I was obsessing over these scars. My family members told me they didn’t even notice them, but c'mon they weren’t looking at my face under that bright white light that was in my bathroom. Then I remembered that when I used to have milder acne, I would put on a gel every night before sleeping and that always helped with scars. So I asked my mom if she had any of that gel left. She didn’t, but she gave me something else she had lying around: aloe vera gel.

I Used Aloe Vera Gel on my Acne Scars For A Week

I put it on every night before sleeping and washed it off in the morning. My bathroom’s mirror was just terrible to look into so I was avoiding it for a few days. A week after starting the aloe vera gel for acne scars, I happened to look into that mirror, under the harsh light. What I saw astonished me. My skin was much smoother than before (something I wasn’t able to notice in other mirrors)! You might think I am exaggerating, or that I am mistaken, but I kid you not, those scars were visible but incredibly better in texture. Since then, and till now, I have almost never slept without aloe vera gel on my face. That drastic improvement I saw had such a powerful effect on my subconscious, that since then, scars don’t freak me out as much as they used to. So I urge all of you with scars to try aloe vera gel!


Some rules to remember while using aloe vera gel for acne scars (based on my personal experience):

  • Make sure you are not allergic: spot test it first.
  • Make sure you’re using aloe veragel, and not the cream. Creams may not have the same effect; I’ve always had a better experience with gels.
  • The aloe vera concentration in the gel should be very high, and that should be the only ingredient in the gel.
  • Put the gel on for the whole night, so that it can heal your skin.
  • The gel should not dry your skin.
  • The newer the scar, the better the effect of aloe. Older scars can benefit from aloe, but I believe only to a certain extent.
  • I apply the gel onto my active acne as well, if there is any. It makes it come to a head faster, but of course, I believe this varies from person to person and you should try that out for yourself to see what happens.

Products using Organic Aloe Vera as a Base:

vitamin c creme

Vitamin C Creme - $39

vitamin c beauty elixir

Vitamin C Beauty Elixir - $19

If you want more than just aloe vera gel, vitamin c is also another great ingredient for acne scars! I recommend the Vitamin C Creme which has aloe vera as a base, with a 20% concentration of vitamin c. The vitamin C beauty elixir is also another option made with aloe vera juice as the base. Both are natural and great for healing acne scars with the combination of vitamin c, and the best thing is it's guaranteed to work!  If not, you can always return them to get your money back within 30 days. 


Did aloe vera gel help you? Let me know in the comments below!

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