Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Review

By: Mariya

Welcome to the world of perfect eyebrows! I know I know that’s what everyone dreams of and is what most girls have. The secret is Dipbrow by Anastasia Beverley Hills. I have the color dark brown as I have black hair, yet light eyebrows - quite strange I know. It is the perfect shade for those with black/dark brown hair and isn’t too light.

It is a product I can no longer go without. It was given to me as a gift for my birthday by one of best friends and I am very lucky I was introduced to as not there is definitely no going back. Along with this, I received the eyebrow brush with a comb on one side and the slanted brush on the other.

The brush is EXTREMELY good quality and although priced at £15 has kept its shape despite being used on a daily basis for over a year! The bristles on the brush are hard to touch but soft on the brow when combing it and I can honestly say it is well worth it. The angular brush helps shape the eyebrows exactly how you would like it allowing you to get into the arch of the brow and also make a clean line under the brow without making it look abnormal. The comb allows you to blend it out into a natural finish and blends the powder out really well.

The brow formula comes in a circular bottle with a screw on cap. As soon as you dip the brush into the bottle slightly, you get a good amount on the brush. When you put it onto your brow it is extremely pigmented. At first, I ended up putting too much onto my brush without realizing, but with the help of the other end of the brush, I was able to smooth it out without looking bizarre and giving it more of a natural look. It has already lasted me a year with almost daily use, as you don’t have to use a lot and is, therefore, worth the price you pay.

The dip brow formula is definitely the way to get the perfect shaped eyebrows without having to actually do them. It allows you to go as darker as you want to and lasts all day without smudging and is waterproof. I would definitely recommend this product as it pulls your makeup together completing the look!

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