Is Tetracycline Effective for Acne Cure?

Was this the miracle pill? Tetracycline is an antibiotic which is used for bacterial infections. It can be used for acne, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and urinary infections. 

After completing my research on acne and its cure, antibiotics was my go to option. My frustrated mother took me to my family doctor. I was in 8th grade, about 14 or 15 years old. The doctor then examined my skin and also asked to do a blood test. He prescribed me Tetracycline pills for my acne. I bought them the same day prescribed and started taking immediately. 

I believe the dose was 4 pills at a time, 2 times a day. Within two months my acne had almost all vanished. I was surprised - very shock! My family had also started noticing differences in my skin. My brother who once used to call me pizza face said to me, ‘’Wow! your skin has cleared so much, looks so nice.’’ Also, my mom noticed my skin change, everyone started complimenting me now. Taking the antibiotic pills also helped getting rid of the small acne bumps that were on my forehead which is really annoying and really visible in bright light. 

I went for my blood test, hoping that everything would be great with my body, that I would have no problems. My doctor called me telling that my results came in and I went for another visit to see him. Nothing was wrong with my body, thank God. My only issue was that my iron was low. I knew I had to be more healthy, this was the call for me to start to detoxify my body and cleanse my skin. 

I also wanted to lose weight and become more healthy. I used a juice extractor every morning. I also drank at least 3L of water a day. I would make both fruits and vegetable juices. Although some of my drinks weren't that pleasing, I would have to plug my nose to actually drink it. 

My diet would usually contain all vegetables and fruits. Try to eat all greens!

My fruits combinations would include:

  • Avocado, Cucumber, Celery
  • Tomato, Carrot, Apple, Spinach
  • Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana
  • Berries Mix (Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry), Banana, Apple
  • Watermelon, Honey Melon, Cantaloupe 

The rapid changes I saw within my skin were crazy! I was truly shocked, like is this really me? With tetracycline and my diet change, everything looked so pleasing. My stomach was flat and my skin was becoming clear.

The downside I found with tetracycline is that once your acne goes away and if you stop taking the pills, your acne is most likely to come back but 50% less than it had started from. After having to take these pills my acne was never like before. I am satisfied!

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