Remedy For Acne Scars: Banana Lemon Honey Natural Mask

In this article, I am going to give you my anti-acne mask recipe! The perfect remedy for acne scars.

Do you have oily skin?  No panic! Here is a solution: a mask to make at home 100% natural!

So I propose to concoct a small recipe of banana, honey, and lemon. It is a simple mask to make and not aggressive: It is ideal for oily skin and skin acne as well as for dull complexions. To do once a week!

The mask will thus reduce acne while moisturizing the epidermis. It will also affect the radiance of the complexion and the dullness of the skin. With this recipe, the complexion regains its radiance and its freshness and the oily skin is quickly mattified!


1/2 ripe banana

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 lemon

In practice:

Using a fork, start by crushing the half banana. Then add a spoonful of honey then the juice of half a lemon. Mix well. Apply the mask to the face avoiding the eye contour. Leave for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water preferably using a washcloth.


Banana: the banana is extremely rich in nutrients: it is a natural moisturizer effective for the epidermis. The banana is a nourishing and softening fruit.

Result: It allows keeping a good tonicity of the skin because it nourished it intensely, which made it necessarily softer to the touch. The banana is also known for its healing properties on the skin: it effectively heals the pimples, with it finished the impurities! It is a fruit capable of preventing all kinds of infections, especially acne! It can even cure psoriasis.

Honey: It helps to keep the water molecules under and on the skin. This water supply provides the hydration necessary for the epidermis which can thus retain all its suppleness and all its softness.  Its antibacterial and antiseptic virtues stop the infections: so the bacteria responsible for the appearance of pimples on the face are completely destroyed. Honey is considered an effective anti-acne preventive remedy because it prevents the proliferation of bacteria wishing to spread the infection on the surface of the skin. It also accelerates the healing of red buttons. Honey cleans pores and dislodges blackheads gently, so the skin texture seems finer. Thanks to its formidable astringent virtues, honey also helps to regulate naturally the excess sebum that makes the skin oily. It is, therefore, an excellent ingredient to mattify the skin.

Lemon: Use with great care! The lemon citric acids exfoliate to remove all small dead skin.

Result? Its astringent virtues also allow it to regulate excess sebum and tighten pores. Farewell blackheads, oily skin, and dilated pores! Its antibacterial properties are ideal for stopping the bacteria that cause acne. The lemon dries the pimples and accelerates their healing. Be careful though! Never expose yourself to the sun with lemon on the skin or you will see nasty brown marks on your face.

Just try this recipe and you’ll agree that it is the perfect remedy for acne scars.

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