How Food Affects The Skin and Acne

Ever wonder how raw vegans and vegetarians almost always possess flawless skin? Complexion and diet go hand in hand. While you don’t have to give up a majority of your favorite foods, some of your select snacks and treats may be the culprit to your lasting acne. While foods may not directly cause acne, it does affect your skin and acne. Especially those existing ones.

When I was in third grade, my mom, sister and I were all experiencing terrible stomach cramps, headaches, and itchy hives. After visiting a dietitian, we underwent many tests to find out if we had Celiac disease, which is basically a severe allergy to gluten, a chemical found in most foods. Luckily, none of us had Celiac, but we did, however, have an intolerance to gluten. As a third grader, finding out you cannot eat foods like Lunchables and Cosmic Brownies is tragic. But as I grew up, I found out that being gluten intolerant is a blessing in disguise.

It is extremely difficult to keep a balanced diet in today’s world. With all the delicious options we have to eat, it’s incredibly challenging to make a decision on what to eat that is both healthy and inexpensive. As a gluten intolerant individual, I have learned that as long as you maintain balance in your diet, your health will prevail. For example, each meal should contain a protein, carbohydrate, and a fat. If you keep to this pattern, health and clear skin will come. In a way, I’m glad I am gluten intolerant because it drives me to make healthier decisions to avoid the painful consequences that occur after eating too much gluten.

Another aspect of eating healthily is to avoid eating too much of fast food, chocolates, and dairies. While these foods may not directly cause acne, they can worsen pre-existing skin problems. We all have pores in our face, which contain hair follicles and sebum glands, which produce sebum or face oil. Eating unhealthy foods can cause the face to make more sebum, which thus clogs the pores. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have the occasional ice cream cone or Big Mac, it just means that moderation is important.

Keeping clear skin is not easy, and maintaining a balanced diet can be even more challenging, but seeing clear skin and feeling great prove the difficult tasks to be worth it. From keeping a balanced diet to avoiding dairy, you’ll be looking and feeling amazing in no time. Just try these amazing tips to better your skin and acne.

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