Banish Kit Review : Does it really work?

By Alexandra

banish kit

The Accident That Started My Acne

I am not one to write reviews, not because I am unimpressed by other products, but simply because nothing has ever made such an impact on my life the way in which Banish Acne Scars has.
I always had good skin, with an occasional pimple or two during my period.
This changed when I was in an accident this past winter that left me handicapped.

Medication And Stress Causes Acne

I was on copious amounts of pain killers, as well as dealing with the stress of it all.
My relationship began to crumble, I was unable to work, and I had no choice to move my entire life back to live with my parents.
My skin erupted with little bumps all over my face and chest. I read good things about Murad so I thought I would try it. It was a decision I would regret immensely.
Murad dried out my skin so much so, that the skin under my eyes became red and wrinkly, my face rebelled and erupted in cystic acne all over.

Can Acne Affect Mental Health?

When the cystic acne finally ran its course, I was left with acne marks and ice pick scars all over my face. At this point I had gone into a deep state of depression.
I still was unable to leave my house due to my injury, and I had nothing but time to dwell on everything that was going wrong in my life.
I was near close to suicidal during this time. I truly thought that my life just wasn't going to get any better. Along with the fact that my face which I once was always so confident with, was now covered in marks and scars was the icing on the cake.

How I Got Rid Of Acne Scars With The Banish Acne Scars Kit

I discovered Banish through a girl I follow on Instagram, Veganacnesufferers, and decided to give it a try. Seriously, I cannot thank Banish for creating this product enough.
You have changed my life by giving me back my confidence and hope. After just one use of their derma-roller which they call the Banisher, their Vitamin C Serum, and Pumpkin Mask, my scars have faded noticeably. The Banish Kit was a turning point that helped me get a little ounce of confidence back, and that was all I needed! They now have a new version of the Banisher that is more effective to use!  
I still cannot believe it, and I am so excited to see the results after my next use. Thank you SO much, Banish! You guys are amazing.

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I am curious if this product (banish starter kit) would be right for my skin issues.
I have never had acne but always picked pimples and my skin has lots of brown spot scars left from picking. Also, I am 30 now and starting to notice sun spots on my cheeks and nose, some fine lines and sagging of skin around jaw. I have always had redness and discoloration as well.

Would any of the Banish products help me?



Can this product also be used on the body because I have backacne scars and I’m trying to get rid of them.


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