Beauty Comes from Within

By: Shalin T

In this blog post, I just wanted to talk about self-confidence and trying not to let your acne be in control of your life. Of course, I struggled with confidence due to my acne but I also realized that it is something everyone deals with. I know that I am beautiful regardless of my acne, it doesn't take away my beauty either on the outside or the inside.

Something I want to share is that beauty comes from within. It is not something that can be covered up with makeup and pretty clothes. Beauty comes from knowing that you are worth something regardless of what other people think. Confidence comes after you know this to be true. After you know that you are on this earth for more than just to look beautiful. Confidence is a feeling that everyone should embody, because if they have it, they won’t always beat themselves up for not looking a certain way.

In this day in age, being considered beautiful is the biggest compliment a girl can wish for. This is something that needs to change. Beauty is not what we as a woman should be focused on. We should be focused on out intellectual ability. Brains before beauty. The biggest compliment a girl should wish for is to be called intellectually accelerated. In a world dominated by intellectual men, we as women should dominate the world with our intelligence. We need to start stepping up and showing that we are more than our physical looks. More importantly, we need to show that we care more than our physical looks.

Wouldn’t you think we would live in a much better world if all we girls began to support each other and we all saw the beauty in one another, in addition, the beauty we see within ourselves? That’s such an amazing thought. The thought that us girls lift up each other rather than tear them down. The thought that us girls recognize that we all have different flaws and those are the things that make us unique. The thought that beauty is not outwardly but instead is inward.

With this, I end in saying that I am going to start recognizing the inner beauty in myself and those around me. Our acne, acne scars, keratosis pilaris, and whatever other flaws we have are not the things that define us. They are not the things that give us our confidence. We must search for it within. Today’s the perfect day to start searching!

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