Why it's Important to Lessen your Shampoo Usage

By: Jade

I used to be a really freak, obsessed with having to clean my hair and make sure it look immaculate, which was never the case. I washed my hair every day and if I left it any longer it would look and feel incredibly greasy. 

My friends then told me that washing my hair every day actually damages it instead of keeping it healthy and clean, so I managed to change my routine to every other day which I was comfortable with. I had read quite a lot on the internet about going shampoo free and not shampooing for a range of time from a month up to years. I was shocked. How could people go so long without washing their hair, they must have no sense of hygiene. 

A few years later I had heard from another friend that she would only wash her hair once every six weeks and that her hair had never been in better condition. I was then intrigued to look into and find out whether it is as good as people say. I spent a long time looking into the benefits of not shampooing my hair and the possible replacements I could use to still keep my hair clean. My eyes were opened and I realized I have been doing the complete opposite to what I intended. 

Shampoo washes away your hairs natural oils leaving your hair more damaged whereas not shampooing your hair, your body is able to regulate its' self and produce the natural oils needed to keep your healthy. I also discovered that my body was overproducing these oils because I kept washing them away which is why my hair would get so greasy so quickly. It was all starting to make sense and I then began to question why I was still washing my hair so regularly. 

I decided to give it a go and do it during the holidays when I wouldn't be at school so that people wouldn't see my hair looking greasy. I began by pushing back the days and instead of shampooing my hair every other day, I left it two days between washing my hair. I did this routine for a week so that I gave my body chance to slowly adjust to the changes. 

After this, I then left it before shampooing my hair again and did so every week. I kept this up for a month again so that my body could adjust. At first, my hair would get greasy within the first couple of days but I persevered and left it for a week before reaching for the shampoo again. I decided to continue with only shampooing once a week and I can honestly say that my hair feels noticeably healthier. I would recommend a no shampoo method to anyone and everyone, I'm never going back. My hair no longer gets greasy and doesn't smell either. Go for it, you can always start shampooing again if you wanted to. 

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