Does Junk Food Really Cause Pimples?

July 10, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

I’m sure we’ve all heard that if you eat junk food you’ll have more pimples, but how true really is this. Some doctors say it’s true and some same it’s a myth. So, what’s the truth? My friend and I were determined to find out because if isn’t true then we’d like to continue eating junk food peacefully. Or, cut down if it really does affect you. We wanted to know if maybe there’s some truth behind it depending on the person or even the type of junk food. We set out to eat junk food for 5 days. During these 5 days, we would mostly eat junk food and we made sure to eat the same things.

Day 1:

Starting off we ate a lot of greasy foods and sodas. We loved it the first day, and when nightfall came we didn’t see a difference.

Day 2:

We continued eating the same and still didn’t see any difference, our stomach were upset a little, but again when nightfall came, nothing happened.

Day 3:

The junk food began hurting our stomachs and we started to feel so tired and gross inside. When nightfall came and we checked our faces my friend has a couple of breakouts, nothing big it wasn’t that noticeable.

Day 4:

We became so sick of eating junk food and our whole bodies felt off and we just felt so sick all the time. By nightfall, my friend had more visible acne and I still didn’t have anything.

Day 5:

We were barely hanging on to this heavy diet and we so excited it was the last day. Nightfall came and my friend still only has a few bumps and I still didn’t have anything.

A couple days after we stopped eating that junk food, our bodies felt so much better and we checked our faces to find my friends' breakouts got a little worse and I start to show a couple of few bumps. After doing this mini test I can’t say eating junk food is the main factor in pimples or breakouts. It might be a factor, like maybe in my friend who broke out she had different hormones, chemicals, or makeup in her body that aided alongside the junk food to increase or start breakouts. As for me, I barely broke out, only after I did, so, I can’t conclude that indeed junk food cause or worsen acne for sure. But, one thing I do know is eating junk food for days is so bad for you overall and when I stopped, it made me feel better and rejuvenated giving me more energy to wash my face for longer or deeper which can help fight against breakouts in the long run.

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