Cocokind: Organic Skincare So Pure You Can Eat it

Cocokind: Organic Skincare So Pure You Can Eat it
by Kali Kushner

A few weeks ago I began testing out the Cocokind skincare line and instantly fell in love. A lot of you guys seemed interested and were asking my opinion so I figured today’s blog would be focused on reviewing some of my favorites!



who is cocokind?



Cocokind is a small organic SanFrancisco skincare brand focused on using only the purest ingredients. As the name implies, cocokind is based around extra virgin coconut oil with added superfoods. They are taking a stand against the current chemical and preservative filled beauty products with promises to always use 5 wholesome ingredients or less. Each product is carefully curated with several superfoods ingredients, which deeply moisturize and act as a rich source of nutrients for the skin.


The ingredients are so pure, that they’re actually food grade. That’s right, you can eat them. Though the combinations may not taste the best, I might have to give the mymatcha stick a quick lick and find out.




the products:


Cocokind was generous enough to send me their top acne busting products for review ( shout out to our home girl Priscilla)! Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to find some pros and cons with the whole line and today (finally!) I get to share my thoughts with you guys! Let’s dive right in.


Today the products we will be reviewing are:


• The Rosewater Toner

• The Raspberry Vinegar Toner

• The Chia Seed Facial Oil

The Organic Chlorophyll Mask

• The Cocokind Collective Sticks (Mymatcha, Tumeric, and Macabeet)




the toners


Cocokind makes two toners, rosewater and raspberry vinegar, each with different skin concerns in mind.  


Cocokind Organic Rosewater Toner 4/5


Ingredients: Organic Rose Hydrosol


With one simple ingredient the Rosewater Toner proves to be effective at balancing all skin types. Oily? Acne prone? Dry skin? Whatever your concerns may be, this toners got you covered.


It smells ahhhmazing and it’s refreshing. My skin is pretty darn sensitive and I found that it didn’t irritate or break me out-at all. If anything I found this toner to be slightly moisturizing and really effective at balancing out problem areas in the skin. A few dry patches I had were gone after about 4 uses! Real effective if ya ask me.


I rated this product 4/5 because I found that even though it was an amazing toner, by the end of the day it would make me greasy and when first applied the scent would irritate my eyes.


Cocokind Raspberry Vinegar Toner 5/5


Ingredients: water, raspberry Vinegar


Yes, yes, yes, yes! If you’ve ever used an apple cider vinegar toner you would fall head over heals for Raspberry vinegar. If you like vinegar, you’ll love the way it smells. If you don’t know what vinegar smells like, some would compare it to stinky feet (but in a good way if that’s even possible). Organic vinegar is great for acne, it balances the skins ph and naturally works to reduce acne marks and scars. I’ve been using an apple cider vinegar Toner for about a year now so you can imagine how pumped I was when I found out Raspberry vinegar was a thing.


I’ve used this Toner every night for about a week and have noticed a significant improvement in my acne and overall skin tone. I love the way it smells and the way it makes my skin feel. Clean, but not squeaky or overly dry. My face remained balanced throughout the day and I found that I didn’t need to blot excess oil or moisturize from being excessively dry (my skins finicky, it either goes one way or the other).  




Cocokind Tumeric Stick 5/5


Ingedients: Organic Sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic Tumeric, organic ginger root, organic tea tree oil.


I found that this stick was by far my favorite item in the whole Cocokind skincare line. To be quiet frank, I haven’t taken this darn thing off my face since the moment I got it in the mail. I’m actually wearing it on a few spots as I write this posting, OBSESSED. If you’re going to buy one thing from the whole brand make it this. You won’t regret it. Chock full of amazing acne fighting ingredients, it really is one of a kind.  


Tumeric is amazing at shrinking acne and lifting post acne marks, leaving you with a more even skin tone. I could see and feel results after just one use. Not even exaggerating, one of the cystic spots I left the mask on reduced in size about halfway- which is just insane if you know how hard those boogers are to budge.


It’s got a slightly yellow tinge to it but as long as you take the mask off within 20 minutes it’s not gonna stain ya. Just don’t make the mistake of leaving it on overnight like I did or you might be walking around school all day looking like a yellow polka dot face.


Cocokind Mymatcha Stick 5/5


Ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic matcha tea powder.


The first thing you’ll notice is the amazing matcha smell, so yummy! The Mymatcha stick is great for all over hydration and works to protect the skins natural barrier. It’s sheer in color so you can use it anytime while on the go.


I love that there’s no fuss about this product. It’s simple and it does exactly what it says. With the weather change recently I’ve noticed some dryness around my eyes and under my chin. When I applied the stick the dry spots went away the next day, no joke. I love this little guy, I’ve even been carrying him around in my person lately. Yeah, it’s a him. Mr.matcha-cha.


Cocokind Macabeet Stick 3/5


Ingredients: Organic virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, organic beer root, organic maca root


Basically when I realized this stick had beets in it I couldn’t help but think of Dwight from the office and wondered if he too used the maca beet stick. This stick has a really deep rosy tint that blends out evenly. It definitely has a sweeter beet like scent but it’s not overwhelming!


I tried the Macabeet stick a few times and I just wasn’t in love. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely pretty and I love the natural ingredients but I feel like I would probably go with a regular tinted chapstick. It blends fairly even but I didn’t like that when it’s first applied it shows up a bit chunky and streaky. You can use it as a balm or a blush but with the color leaning towards purple/cooler tones I found that it wasn’t a good fit for my super pale warm undertone skin!




Cocokind Chia Seed Facial Oil 4/5


Ingredients: organic chia seed oil, organic chamomile flowers


A great source of balanced omega-3 fatty acids, this facial oil is lightweight and absorbs almost instantly for a youthful glow. This facial oil is super charged with antioxidants and pyhtonutrients, great for anti aging and giving you your best possible skin ever.


Facial oils are my favorite part of my skin routine, so I’m super picky when it comes to using the right one. Sometimes my skins suffering from dry spots, other times it’s an oil slick, and currently it’s suffering from a hefty breakout. I loved how soft the oil made my skin and how quickly it absorbed.


Seriously! It’s so lightweight, I found that it didn’t clog my pores or irritate my skin at all and it delivered hydration without feeling overly greasy. It didn’t help my skin tone or reduce my spots very much but it proved to be great hydration for the daytime without giving your skin an oil slick appearance.




Cocokind Organic Chlorophyll Mask 3/5


Ingredients: organic soirulina powder, organic wheatgrass powder, organic chlorella powder, organic ylang ylang oil.


This mask is great for drawing out impurities and giving your skin an extra deep cleaning. It effectively absorbs excess oil and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean.


I gave this mask a 3/5 rating because it was just okay to me. It did make my face feel clean but it wasn’t all that and a bag of chips. I feel like I would rather grab my Aztec Indian healing clay for a deeper clean or my pumpkin exfoliating mask for brighter skin. There wasn’t anything wrong with the mask necessarily, I just didn’t find it irreplaceable!



in conclusion



My favorite products by far were… (*drum roll please*)


The Mymatcha stick

The Tumeric stick

And the Raspberry vinegar toner


I highly recommend all three of these products for individuals who suffer with acne prone skin, oily skin, hyper-pigmentation, and dryness (for the Mymatcha stick).


Interested in trying out cocokind for yourself? Find it in natural retailers like Whole Foods and Fresh Thyme!


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