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S.W. Basics 4 Ingredient Oil Serum Review

December 14, 2017

S.W. Basics 4 Ingredient Oil Serum Review
by Kali Kushner

I was bopping along the skincare isles at target when something grabbed my attention, a new brand I had never seen before had been added to the natural skincare section! As an avid natural skincare junkie, I had never heard ofS.W. Basicsbut there packaging was to die for. Cleanand effective, it was reminiscent of a small business or perhaps something unique you’d find at a local boutique.Among all of the loud colors, ridiculous product names, and long listed chemical filled products, S.W. Basics standsout as a beacon of organic-skincare-hopeamong its peers.



s.w. basics: a brooklin based company


So what’s the deal with S.W. basics? Where did this brand magically appear from and what’s their motto when it comes to skincare?


S.W. Basics is an all natural skincare brandoriginating from Brooklyn, NY.They promise to use only organic, fair trade, or family farm ingredients; putting sustainability at the forefront of everything they do.Their motto is simplicity, which isundoubtingly obvious by their packaging which labels how many ingredients are in each product. Their belief is that fewer ingredients meansgentler skincare.The simpler the routine, the better.


What’s more is that they are fully aware of the nasty turn the beauty industry has taken over the past few decades,recognizing it’s in desperate need of a makeover and being a powerhouse example of what’s to come in clean, effective skincare.S.W. Basics has a strong sense ofbelief in proving that skincare can be both simple and effective, without any added chemicals, fragrance, or other skin irritants.





the 4 ingredients oil serum




On my Target trip, I wanted to pick the brandsbestproduct to test out.As we do when on the hunt for good skincare, I pulled out my phone and began the google search. I wanted to try themost effective product with the most positive reviews andwala! That’s whenI stumbled uponthe 4Ingredient Oil Serum, with 58 5-star reviews it seemed too good to be true.Jacked up with a powerhouse of ingredients, the Oil Serum proves to be an indulgent skincareproduct to add to yourarsenal.It has high levels ofessential fatty acids,antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties being great forboth acne prone and sensitive skin.


the claims


+ Cleans the skin

+ Feeds hydration

+Corrects imbalances in the skin

+Good for acne prone skin

+Leaves skin silky and glowing



the ingredients


+ Avocado oil:Avocado is great at hydrating andsoftening the skin,it’s proven effective at reducing inflammation helping with eczema and acne.Avocado oil is also a rich source of fatty acidslike pelvic acid.


+Geranium oil:Geranium is used to treat acne,reduceinflammation,balance hormones, and calm anxiety.It helps to get rid of clogged pores and promotes younger healthier looking skin.


+Turmeric oil:Turmeric is amazing for inflammation and pain relief!It also speeds up the healing time of pimples,corrects oily skin, andreduces post acne marks.


+Coffee oil:Coffee, on my skin?! Well yes! Coffee ischock full of antioxidants andhelps to increase blood circulation, helping with dark circles,acne, and brightening the skin!




my experience



I use facial oils before bed religiously, every. Single. Night. So as eager as I was to put the Oil Serum to the test when I got home- I forced myself to wait until bed and use it with my usual nightly routine to avoid any weird reactions from occurring.


Smell 2/5 Stars


With most beauty products, the first thing I notice is the smell and the Oil Serum is no different.If you love coffee, you’ll love it; if you hate coffee, you’ll hate it. It smellsok but the after scent of geranium gets stuck inside your nose and is pretty sharp, reminding me of theperfumy taste of IPA beer. I wasn’t really impressed. Personally, I’m not big on smells, as long as a product works then that’s fine by me, it doesn’t need any added fragrance or silly undertones ofcedar wood so I’m glad there’s not any extra fillers added!


Packing 5/5 Stars


Like I mentioned earlier, what got me interested in S.W. Basics is their effective minimalistic packaging. It tells you on the front of the product exactly how many ingredients are in each bottle. The no fuss, no nonsense approach shows that they’re not only using high quality ingredients, but that they’realsonot afraid of you finding outexactlywhat is in their products- something that other brandsdefinitelycan’tsay.


Feel 5/5 Stars


The oil is ohsooooo silky smooth. Not sticky, not thick, or chunky, not too thin- just smooth. It glides over the skin like a thin piece of silk conforming to the nooks and crannies. 100 Stars for the feeling of this oil, it goes above and beyond to provide maximum comfort to dry skin skin, eczema, and acne.


Results 3/5 Stars


I applied a generous layer, about 5-6 drops after cleansing before bed. When I woke up my face looked brighter but also a bit red, I assumed this was the blood flow occurring from the caffeine oil. The oil was absorbed overnight so I only had to rinse my face with cool water in the morning, which was great! I feel like if a product just sits on your skin it isn’t penetrating deep enough and actually delivering thebenefits to your skin. The tone looked even and it def looked brighterbutunfortunately I had a few clogged pores around my nose and white heads on my chin. They went away within a few days so I tried the oil again and alas, clogged inflamed pores around my nose.It’s great if you don’t have acne prone skin because it makes your skin look like gold, but if it’s easily irritated like mine you may want to avoid your T zone area. I found that it actually works better on pimples applied as a topical than an all over facial serum.


Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars


With all things considered, I would give the 4 Ingredient Oil Serum 4/5 Stars. Negatively, it causes small clogged pores and has a strong smell. Positively, it feels like silk on you skin, absorbs well, leaves skin glowing, and has adorable packaging.When it comes to skincare I agree with S.W. Basics, it should be simple and effective. However, for me I felt the negative aspects of the oil outweighed the good. I want my products to help with acne, not cause it! And, as always, everyone is different and if you are not acne prone this may be an amazing option for glowing, radiant skin.



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