Collagen and its Role in Your Skin

By: Abbey

Your skin, like everything else, is made up of millions of cells that are constantly dying and regenerating in order to function properly. The cells of the skin, like all other organelles of the body, are specialized in that they require certain vitamins and minerals to keep them happy and healthy. As important as vitamins and minerals are to the cells of the epidermis, the most important factor to the function of these cells is collagen. Collagen is found in the skin, bone and connective tissue of the body, whose role is mainly in the regeneration of skin cells and the turnover of dead ones.

With regards to your acne, collagen plays a crucial role in the healing process, both of live acne and scarring. In fact, the science behind the Banish kits utilizes this fact as it is the power of collagen in the skin cells that work to rebuild the layers of skin that are being punctured by the derma roller- healing your wounds, and your scars. Collagen also creates a protective barrier over the skin. This helps protect the skin from free radicals delivered into the body through the skin. These free radicals are everywhere, from cosmetics you actually apply to the skin, to pollution of the air from cars, machines etc.

In order to really benefit from the Banish Kit, you should have a sufficient amount of collagen to aid in this cell turnover. Collagen can be consumed in many nutrient dense foods, including dark vegetables, fish and soy. For me personally, I attempt to eat a solid amount of vegetables a day for the various benefits it has to my body, but as a college student, finding fresh fish on a college campus can be difficult and being allergic to soy eliminates that option as well. 
To combat this, I have begun taking collagen in a supplemental powder, much like a protein powder, to make up for the collagen I don’t get from other sources. It is extremely potent, and gives the skin elasticity and thickness, helping as a barrier from the outside environment. I strongly recommend finding a powder online and mixing it into any drinks you have. If you are using the collagen in combination with the banish kit, you will notice your results in less time and for some, maybe even extra improvement from the system alone. For me, I drink it in my coffee daily, and since have noticed huge improvement in the quality of texture on my skin.

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