Addicted to Face Masks

By: Maryam

We all have our indulgences. Some indulge in cake. Others, like myself, indulge in facemasks. I am absolutely obsessed with a good facemask. Some brighten, others tighten, other’s draw out excess oil and dirt. There’s a mask for every skin, especially acne-inflamed skin, so I’m going to share with you're my favorites!

As a pubescent teenager, I had terrible cystic acne. I didn’t like the sexual connotations of going on birth control, so I had to get wise to the world of face masks. I tried so many but only one ended up making such significant improvements to my face, I couldn’t have been happier.  This was the DDF Sulphur Therapeutic Mask. This was the holy grail of my teenage years. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was taken off most shelves, now found only online. The sulfur eradicated most of my acne-causing bacteria like a miracle. If you suffer from bad acne, purchase this item if you can.

I definitely still suffer from the occasional flare up, and in this case, I have reverted to Origins Clear Improvement Activated Charcoal mask. While this doesn’t have the bacteria-busting benefits of sulfur, the activated charcoal works wonders to reach deep down into pores for a thorough cleansing.  This is my go-to staple mask for dull, irritated skin.
            Another mask I recently had the pleasure to indulge in is the GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment mask. I feel like this does what the Origins mask does in terms charcoal deep cleansing, but it also polishes the skin giving that trademark “glam” effect. If I want to take a mask that pampers and noticeably beautifies, then I’ll go with this one. However, if it’s just to cure a breakout, which is more often, I feel that the Origins mask is superior. (And cheaper!)

Last but not least are all the variations of homemade masks I use. There are so many great options, right in your cupboard or fridge! For a cheap brightening mask, I love to slather on some plain, unsweetened yogurt on my face. I wait till it fully absorbs, about 30min. The lactic acid really smoothens my skin as well as gives it a healthy glow.

Another trick I love is to add honey to the yogurt. This really makes for an intense softening and smoothing mask. The honey has light antibacterial qualities, which also works to combat pimples.

If you really want an intense, homemade mask for treatment of acne, I combine honey with turmeric and a bit of lemon juice. The turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits and combined with the brightening acidity of lemon juice make this a winning combo. However, turmeric stains yellow so it’s best to do this mask before a shower at night, lest you want to walk around the rest of the day looking like an Oompa Loompa.

There you have it! There are so many masks to choose from. Indulge yourself!

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