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Collagen: How to Cook, Bake, and Drink it

April 28, 2018

collagen for the skin
by Kali Kushner

If you didn't know by now,collagen is pretty much the eternal fountain of youth. It's what keeps our skin looking dewy, bouncy, and wrinkle-free.It's also what helps our hair grow long and strong as well as our nails. Unfortunately, once we've reached ourmid-twenties we produce 1% less collagen each year; resulting in sagging, tired, wrinkly,scar prone skinas well as dry,brittle hair and nails. And, who want's that? Not me! That’swhy I am always lookingforany way I can to add collagen into my diet.

From leafy greensand wild salmonto my daily cup of bonebroth, getting my daily dose of collagen to stay foreveryoung is always in the back of my mind. However, ifI'm being completely honest inlife sometimes we get busy or we go off the rails with our diet plan and getting the propernutrition or vitamins we need to reach our goals on a consistent basis can get tricky. That’s why I've found itsuperconvenientto have a daily supplementlike collagen peptides, thatyou can add intoany food tosupport your daily skin, hair, bone, and joint health.




collagen peptides as a supplement



Luckily, with pills and supplements like collagen peptides,it's now easier than everto get a daily superchargeddosage ofcollagen to quickly reach all of your #hairgoals.I've been using Collagen Peptidesfor about a year, experimenting back & fourth between various brands and methods, always looking for the "bigger and better" out there- becausec'mon whoisn't?

However, each time I've been drawn back to theVital Proteins Collagen Peptides because they're tasteless (unless you use a flavored version and those taste bomb), they don’t give me a headache or stomachache like most brands, AND most importantly- I feel like they deliver themostnoticeable results when it comes to both skin and hair health. I can tell a serious difference since I began using these inNovember, my skin isglowing on a consistent basis and my hair issoothick and healthy.

This is a huge win for me personally because after I tookAccutane my hair fell out in clumps for a few months, thinned out and looked extremelydull. I was reallyself-conscious about it and tried a few different methods to restoremyhair to its former glorybut nothing really seemed to work. I feel very grateful that with the helpof collagenpeptides, a cleaner diet, and using a detangling brushI've been able to actively reverse the hair damage I once had.Even if I miss my collagen for a week I can expect my skin to look duller than normal and my hair to have less bouncy-filled life.Yup, it makesthatmuch of a difference.


5 easy ways to get your daily collagen

So how do I make sure I get my collagenevery day? Well typically I choose one of these super easy 5 ways.



Adding collagen to your water is one of the, if notthe simplest way to make sure you're getting your daily dose. Because the original collagen peptidesby Vital Proteins areunflavored, they can easily be added into any drink! Andwhat's better for your health than a good ole glass of water? My only recommendation is to make sure that you slowly add in the collagen powder and thatthe water isn't too cold or contains ice as the powdermay get a little clumpy or hard to stir.

My personal favorite way is using their lavender lemon beauty collagen water. It tastesjust like spa water and really hits the spot after a good workout- hydrating both my body and my skin! I actually picked mine up attarget one day while I was looking for new skincare to test out in the natural-beautysection and haven't looked back since.


Morning smoothie

If you're a smoothie fanatic like me, adding collagen to your morning smoothie or afternoon bowl may be the easiest route for you.It's not anoverexaggeration to say I make a chocolate blueberry banana smoothie every single morning, and every singlemorning I makesure to add my collagen. I've found that when blending thecollagen, it blends into the smoothie seamlessly. No clumps, no chunks, and no gritty taste or weird mouthfeel.Probably the most delicious way to take your collagen, in my opinion.




That's right! You can add collagen into homemade baked goods as well. Think cookies, cake, pancakes, waffles, and whatever else you little heart desires. Fortunately, when you bake the collagen peptidesthe nutritional valueisn't compromised soyou can even sprinkle them intocasseroles or long cooking crockpot stews.



In addition to cold beverages, collagen easily dissolves into hot beverages as well, meaning you canvirtually add it into anything; coffee, tea, and soup alike.Plus, these days,there's things likecollagen creamer ormatchacollagen,so you can easily get all the benefitsplus the taste in one single scoop.


Togo packets

Don't cook often or don't want to carry a huge tub of collagen around with you? Simplify your routine withthese easyto go pouches. You can sprinkle collageninto any food,anytime, anywhere.


This list is not comprehensive, merely a few of my favorite ways to use collagen and a few ideas that you could try yourself!


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