Dairy VS Soy

August 17, 2017 0 Comments

Milk and other dairy products are good for your health. They contain calcium which strengthens your teeth and bones. However, over the course of time, we’ve become suspicious of it because it is believed to be the cause of some health issues ranging from excess mucus production to high cholesterol. And there are also people who have noticed that their acne is either caused or worsened by milk and dairy products.

Getting rid of it from your diet may not be the best solution though since you’ll also be eliminating all the nutrients your body gets from it. So maybe you should just try substituting it. One way of doing it is by going with soy.

Dairy vs soy is really something to consider. Both are a good source of protein and another range of essential vitamins and minerals but soy milk and products are much more favorable if you’re consuming full-fat dairy products. This is because full-fat dairy products are filled with saturated fat which you want to avoid since it is the cause of high cholesterol and increase the risk of heart diseases. Why does this make soy products favorable? Because it contains less saturated fat than that of milk products.

It, along with other soy-based products like tofu, soy cheese and yogurt are also good sources of iron and fiber, which you can’t get in dairy and other essential vitamins. It also has health benefits including a reduction in risk of certain hormonal cancers because it has phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are antioxidants which mimic the hormone estrogen in our body.

A cup of plain soy milk also provides your body 7 grams of protein. You also have to know that soy contains all nine essential amino acids that our body assembles into new proteins. This includes antibodies essential for immune system function, enzymes that help your cells produce energy and structural proteins that hold your tissues together.

But what about calcium which your bones need? Yes, soy also has that. In fact, a cup of plain soy milk actually has 299 milligrams of calcium content and contributes 30 percent of your recommended daily calcium intake. Soy milk also has iron which milk and dairy products don’t have. This iron assists your red blood vessels, ensuring that all tissues in your body get the oxygen and nutrients they need.

Other than that, you can also avoid having acne breakouts if you switch to soy milk and soy-based products entirely. But I suggest you don’t. You see, to become healthier, your diet has to be that of wide food variations. So maybe a lot of soy and a little bit of dairy is good for you. If you are torn between giving up dairy vs soy, then weigh all the pros and cons. But a healthy diet should also be a wide variety of healthy choices.

According to Denis Griffiths, an accredited practicing dietitian at Curtin University in Western Australia, “It’s great to include a wide variety of foods in your diet… and making sure that in your shopping trolley you have a range of products so that you’re covering all your different nutrient needs.”