Drunk Elephants Babyfacial: Is It Worth The $80 Price Tag?

March 15, 2018 8 min read 0 Comments

Drunk Elephants Babyfacial: Is It Worth The $80 Price Tag?

by Kali Kushner



So, you guys, I have good news and I have bad news. Good news is that I found something that is currently working for my skin. I plan on seeing it through until the end of 30 days to see if my skin continues to improve; for more information check out my other article on the caveman regimen. Bad news is that means this will be my last product review for at least a month (boooo!). Ya'll know I'm a product junkie, I love trying out new things to see how my skin reacts and reporting the results back to you. But for the sake of my sanity and skin, I am determined to finish the caveman process I started.

Luckily, before I went full caveman I was able to get one last review in: Drunk Elephant's cult classicSukariBabyfacial. I've been wanting to review this product for a while, I've never bought anything from Drunk Elephant but theirBabyfacial has tons of glowing 5-star reviews, currently 462 on their website alone. Plus, many of you guys reached out to me asking "does this product really work?" or "is it worth the price?". That alone was enough to finally convince me after months of eyeballingto buy it.


a little bit about drunk elephant

Drunk Elephant is all about challenging the skin type method. They aim to make products that fit everyone, oily, sensitive, combination, and acne prone; It’s a one size fits all approach to skincare. The founder, Tiffany Masterson dealt with her ownbout of skin issues and overtime became extremely frustrated and discouraged while looking for a solution. For her, nothing ever really worked for long. Eventually she was able to identify a group of ingredients- dubbed the suspicious 6 that were at the root of her, and she believes manyotherpeoples, problems today.

These 6 ingredientsare believed to cause a reaction on the skin, redness, dryness, breakouts, etc., and overtime will lead to sensitized skin.These ingredients are irritating essential oils,fragrances and dyes,silicones, chemical sunscreens,SLS, anddrying alcohols.The constant exposure to these ingredients can leave the skin in a reactive state,meaning you’ll never be able to get out of the vicious acne/dry skin/ redness cycle until you cut them out.

DE has a saying,“ A routine is only as good as its worst product, a productisonly as good as its worst ingredient. It takes just one bad guy to ruin the party.This is extremely insightful and true as it only takes one ingredient to wreak havoc on your skin.So when trying a new routine, first make sure none of your old products contain the suspicious 6!

They’re about keeping skincare routines simple, you won’t find a 12-stepprocess here!There’s not a whole wide range of products that they offer, and most of the productsuserssuggest mixing with one another to getthe most bang for your buck!

The name Drunk Elephantcomes from well… elephants! There’s a myth that Elephants like to eat the fruit off the marula tree, andwhen it’s inside theirbellies it ferments- making the elephants Drunk!The founder wanted a fun name that would stand out and be unforgettable,I think we can agree we won’t be forgetting about them anytime soon!You can feel good too when you’re buying Drunk Elephant as they makeannual donations to the International Elephant Foundation which helps protect elephants from poaching and protect their wellbeing.


what is babyfacial?

Drunk Elephant'sSukariBabyfacial is an at home AHA/BHA facial that works to reveal clarity, improve texture and tone, and give the skin a more youthful appearance. AHA's help to clear blemishes, smooth wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and lighten pigmentation while BHA's are great for blackheads and congested skin, they help to normalize the skins barrier and prevent acne.Babyfacial is recommended for every skin type, even sensitive- though I'd do a patch test to check just in case!

TheBabyfacial is a solution for textural issues; dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and uneven texture.If you're suffering fromhyperpigmentation or shallow acne scars like me,Babyfacial may be a good option for you!

Drunkelephant.com describes theBabyfacial asAn innovative at-home facial contains a whopping 25% AHA and 2% BHA blend including our dream teamGlycolic plus Tartaric, Lactic, Citric and Salicylic acids to gently but efficiently resurface as it exfoliates the pore lining, getting rid of built-up dead skin cells by breaking down the substance that holds them to the surface.Babyfacial™ combines potent antioxidants such as matcha tea, apple fruit and milk thistle to soothe with ultra-hydrating sodium hyaluronatecross polymer and non-fragrant plant oils to replenish moisture and nourish skin. We chose chick pea flour over clay for brightening and balancing without over-drying and pumpkin ferment for amazing enzymatic action.Niacinamide, a “cell-communicating” ingredient, effectively revives a healthy look and feel to skin as it brightens and tones. Appropriate for all skin types,Babyfacial™ will dramatically smooth texture, minimize the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores and boost overall clarity—revealing fresh, radiant, baby-soft skin.”

The results are promising. DE ran clinical studies testing 104 women ages 25 to 55 and found that:

- 95% found skin appeared revived
- 94% found skin to be deeply cleansed and resurfaced
- 93% found skin texture baby-soft and smooth
- 93% found skin appeared brighter and radiant
- 92% found skin appeared to have a healthy glow and boosted clarity
- 91% felt skin appeared fresh and youthful
- 90% found skin appeared clearer and more even


active ingredients

This product is a little bit different than theproducts I’ve typically reviewed on the blog in the past. It’s not 100% natural and there’s quite a few ingredients.It’smostlynatural but they still use a few non toxic synthetics.It’s more like science meets nature, you get the best of both worlds.They actually have their own category of skincare that they like to call clinical clean.According to the Drunk Elephant website, the active ingredients are:

- 25% AHA blend (glycolic + (T) tartaric, (L) lactic, (C) citric acids): exfoliates surface dead skin cells and revs up surface turnover to smooth and brighten the appearance of skin.

- 2% salicylic acid (BHA):penetrates and exfoliates inside pore walls as well as on the surface of the skin, unclogging pores and providing greater skin clarity while also soothing redness.

- gram / chick pea flour:balances and brightens skin’s appearance while combating dullness.

- matcha (green tea leaf), milk thistle & apple extracts:potent antioxidant blend to neutralize pollution and environmental attack, helping to condition and soothe skin.

- pumpkin ferment extract: a rich source of fatty acids and antioxidant components carotene, lutein, and carotenoids; contains naturally occurring enzymes that aid in gentle exfoliation.

- pomegranate extract: potent antioxidant properties neutralizes pollution, free radicals and other damaging environmental stressors.

- cactus extract: soothes redness and sensitivity, helping to calm skin while using topical AHAs.

- passionfruit seed oil:has antioxidant properties, improves dryness and soothes redness.

-virgin marula oil: super-absorbable oil, high in critical antioxidants and omegas 6 and 9, helps hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate skin.

-niacinamide: also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid,niacinamide is a potent “cell-communicating” ingredient that restores aging skin and helps prevent moisture loss.

-sodium hyaluronatecrosspolymer: has a smaller molecular weight than hyaluronic acid and is able to deeply penetrate skin, delivering excellent hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting firmness.





how to use babyfacial


Babyfacial is gentle enough to use weekly. There's no recommended number of pumps you use but I found you only need 3 to 4 pumps to form a thin, even layer over your entire face. My skin is currently a bit dry and the product absorbed quickly, so I may have needed more product than a normal/oilier skin type. You apply the mask as the last step to your skincare routine, after your face has been thoroughly cleansed and dried. After leaving the mask on for 20 minutes, rinse completely with warm water and pat dry. It is recommended to follow the treatment with their Virgin Marula Luxury Oil, though I'm sure you could use any hydrating oil that doesn’t break you out unless you're willing to spend an extra $70 dollars.


my experience

Like any new product you research for months on end before purchasing, I was excited when I finally got my hands on baby facial. It was like Christmas Day when it arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to rip the package open and see what this product was all about. At first it felt like one of those cruel jokes where there’s a box inside a box inside a box and then nothing inside, but eventually inside the 3rd box there it was-Babyfacial!

I am not huge on reading how many fl oz something contains so I really shouldn’t be complaining but I will say, it’s pretty small. I don’t know! It’s just if I spend $80 on something I want it to last me a while, 4-5 months maybe? This looks like it might last four uses, it’s just not very big so keep that in mind if you’re looking to purchase! Then again if you’re only using it once a week max, it will probably last 2-3 months but I’m not sure since you can’t see the product.

Oh yeah did I mention that? You can’t see how much product is in the darn thing, I wish there wasat least a littlesee throughside barthat showed you how many uses you had left. What if you start to putthe facial on, and only get done with half of your face before you run out? Hopefully they’re able to change this in the future!The packaging is cute though, I’m a sucker for anything baby pink and the design is nice. It’s something you definitely want to show off on your bathroom counter.

Anyways let’s get to the point- what was the mask like?! Well when I pressed down on the pump I fully expected an off color cream or gel to come out- maybe pink, or green? I’m used to masks being brightly colored ordarkly (if they contain clay or charcoal) but this onewas a lightnude sheen. It almost looked like a lightweight B.B. cream in a way. I put a thin layer on and it absorbed quickly into my dry, sensitive skin. It did tingle a little bit but it wasn’t too extreme, it didn’t burn or anything! I only left the mask on for 15 minutes, instead of the recommended 20 since I know my skin can be sensitive to exfoliants. I made sure to thoroughly rinse with warm water and followed up with the trial sized marula oil that was included.

The next morningmy skinwassofter and my scarswereless noticeable, even hyper pigmentation seemed to fade. However, I had a cluster of white heads all around my mouth, some under the skin irritation and inflammation which ended up fading away in a few daysbutI’m notsold that it really helped my acne.Then again, itdoesn’t claim to help acne. It does however claim to help with textural issues and uneven skin tone. I can definitely say I saw progress in these two areas but is it worth the risk of creating another problem? That I’m not sure of.

It’s a catch 22: I treat my scars but then end up with newwhiteheadsthat I have to treat with more product.I didn’t use any other new products that week and the reaction was almost immediate, it should be noted that things like aha andbha can cause purging. Since you’re exfoliating the skins surface it causes acne that’s deep under to be brought out, so increasing usage ofbha/aha may be to blame on this one.It’s going to have to be a product that I try out again in the future, but for now I’ll stick to things that help my scars and don’t cause acne, like thebanisher!