Eating Healthy Equals Happy Me

By: Emily
Do you love being happy? I cannot think of anyone who does not value his or her own happiness. While happiness is very important to us, it may sometimes be hard to come by. A lot of things factor into why we feel the way we do. Our bodies, skin, relationships, etc. For me, my health and my skin have always played a big part in my happiness. I have always been unhappy with my weight and my skin. It’s difficult to balance these things and to find ways to better them. It took me a very long time to find what helps with these issues. Luckily, I eventually figured it out and my life is better now because I followed these simple yet effective routines:

Eating a good breakfast diet is important.

Always choose healthier food alternatives in each meal. Food rich in Calcium, Iron, and B vitamins are all good to have for breakfast. This can even include a medium-sized banana or a glass of unsweetened freshly-squeezed fruit juice. Skipping breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day can only do harm in your system and might even lead you to some unwanted health issues. Studies even prove that skipping breakfast can make you feel sluggish and lethargic the whole day and has been attributed to cause slower metabolism in our bodies.

Lunch is just as important to get the necessary vitamins.

Things like coleslaw, nuts, lean proteins, oatmeal, and beans are good choices. Those items contribute to our daily veggie, protein and fiber intake. Research suggests that lunch is vital especially if you are in an office environment. It is highly recommended that you take this much-needed break and nourishing the brain with healthy food, water, and oxygen to help you have a better work performance in the afternoon. So for better productivity, never rush and do not skip your lunch breaks.

Dinner is the last but just as important meal to eat.

An appetizer salad, lean protein, and a whole grain are all good choices. Don’t be afraid to throw in some veggies in there as well but limit the calories. One can never get enough vegetables to nourish our bodies!

Let’s not forget dessert.

Most people like to think you can never eat any kind of sweets or any sugary food concoctions when trying to lose weight. If you want, feel free to indulge with a little self-control. Totally depriving yourself of having dessert might lead you to binge eat after, which will be more disastrous in the end. Learn to control yourself and the portion size. Small portions are important so you can have something sweet but will not deposit enough calories that your body cannot burn. You can even have a piece of chocolate but opt for something dark and something with lesser sugar and fat content. Check for healthier alternatives and know what is a good portion size for your body and your weight-loss program.

Healthy eating and self-contentment.

Eating right leads to a happier self. We want to look our best and feel our best for various reasons. It’s okay to want to lose weight and be the best versions of ourselves. But while we are in the process of doing that, we want to make sure that we remain happy with the whole process. We should learn to appreciate our bodies more and be self-contented. We are only human and not everything can be perfect. Embracing our imperfections while taking good care of our health is the key. In this way, we can achieve good health and happiness all at the same time.

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