Effective Acne Regimen: Get in Shape For Free

There is nothing like following a class with an inspiring teacher to help you stay fit and be an important part of staying healthy and your daily acne regimen. The other nice thing is once you are at it, you often don’t see time pass by and before you know it, you finished half an hour of yoga or fitness workout. There are many free good things on Youtube to try: Yoga with Adriene is my go-to channel when I need a little plus in my yoga routine or when I feel uninspired in general. Adriene offers countless series to help you achieve whatever goal you have (Yoga for runners, for weight loss, for back pain, for anxiety, for bed time, for mornings… name it!).

The channel Fitness Blender claims to offer 500 full-length free workout videos. You are sure to find something that will correspond to your daily goal. You will find stuff that targets the upper part of the body, the lower part, HIIT training, flexibility challenges, etc… Give it a try if you are really into pure fitness! BeFit is another one including all sorts of workouts. For instance, you can find a multitude of kind of videos for the butt.

Just take a couple of minutes to save some videos you like and make yourself a one-week training with those!

Target low-cost sports

It might sound obvious, but some sports comes with a very high cost. Some sports require expensive equipment and a specific location to practice them. If you have a tight budget, choose sports that are doable in your neighborhood and that don’t imply extra costs: running outside in the park, swimming at your municipal pool, biking to your work or when you go out whenever it is possible, doing fitness in front of your computer… There are so many things you can do to stay in shape without implying any money!

Find groups

Take a moment to Google your town and see if there are any free or low-cost sports organizations that you could join. Some people like to gather and play ultimate frisbee or volleyball at the park and they have a Facebook page, some running shops offer a basic running class with a team that you can follow each week, some neighborhoods even offer free yoga classes in parks during the summer. It is really worth it to make a small research on Internet to know what is going on near your house. You could be surprised!

Get inspired!

Following trainers, athletes or in-shape friends on Facebook or Instagram is a good way to stay focused on your personal goals and to find new inspiration for the next steps of your getting-in-shape journey. I especially like to follow on IG @aloyoga, @ouisurf, @yoga_girl, @adrienelouise, @candicekumai, @lotsasquats, @kayla_itsines, @yogicloud.

Just keep yourself motivated and never give up in achieving your fitness goals. Always remember that exercise and staying healthy is an important part of your acne regimen to combat your skin worries and eventually have a healthy and clear skin.

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