Effects of Mr. Sun to our Skin

February 06, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Raenee

Oh, the sun, we all love it’s warming rays. The sun is just about everywhere we go whether on a sunny beach day or a cloudy rain day. Somewhere, its ray always seems to be found. Those who avoid the sun are seen as strange but are they really? 

When I was a kid I hated sunscreen, simply because of the stinging it brought to my eyes when I went to for a swim. The sun can provide wonderful vitamins; like Vitamin D. You might be thinking, then why not go into the sun all the time? The sun does have its share of harmful dangers it can cause; like premature aging. There was this lady I knew, and she was in her late 40s and her skin was glowing. She could pass for a 30-year-old. I asked her what her secret was, and she told me it was protecting her skin from the sun before she went. Ever since then I looked into sunscreens made for the face to protect my skin from the sun. She inspired me and I remember telling myself ‘wow I want to look 30 when I’m getting old.’ 

For me, protecting my skin has become a part of my routine, because of all the harm the sun can cause. Sometimes my family will snicker at me for applying sunscreen, but hey better safe than sorry. Even if you live in a super cloudy place, protecting yourself from the sun is key. You should look carefully into what sunscreen products you can buy and apply to your face. Some sunscreens may protect your skin but it can clog up the skin badly. Sunscreens can also leave your skin with a greasy look so you should be very careful in your choosing.

We shouldn’t avoid the sun altogether but taking certain precautions certainly helps. We should try our hardest to limit our exposure to the sun, but if this is impossible make sure you're well protected. If you can’t find any sunscreen or just need something that’ll work temporarily, you could wear glasses that fight against U. V. rays, maybe even a scarf that you could incorporate into your hairstyle. You can also wear clothing that will protect you from the sun, and avoid darker colors that attract the sun more. In general, the sun isn’t something you should avoid like a vampire, so just be smart and enjoy it carefully.