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For two years, I’ve struggled with eczema and psoriasis. It’s crazy because once my acne calmed down and went away, I had a new skin condition! Funny how these things work.  

It started as some itchiness around my face that wouldn’t go away, near my eyes, around my ears. Then it started to travel to different areas. The itchiness spread on my forearms, elbows, calves, hips, back; the itchiness was so great, it would start to scab and bleed.

And it reminded me of my struggle with acne. Uncontrollable skin issues, wanting to research everything out there, trying out so many different products, going to allergists and dermatologists.

There were days I’d look at myself in the mirror, with just my underwear on, wishing my scaly patches would go away. I’d always wear long-sleeve shirts, avoid wearing shorts, doing whatever I could to hide it. The corners of my car would be filled with… guess… layers of skin dust. Pretty gross right? There would be dry skin flakes EVERYWHERE.

Things I Tried For Eczema That Didn't Work

Psoriasin - Smells like coal tar, I didn’t see enough of an improvement bear with the smell. 

Steroid creams- also know as topical corticosteroids.  These are commonly prescribed because they reduce inflammation.  However, it didn’t make much a difference for me, and I was terrified of the permanent damage to my skin. With too much use, a common side effect is that it thins the skin. 

Oral Steroids- taking actual steroid pills to REDUCE inflammation in my body. These are prescribed most often is severe cases where eczema doesn't get better with other treatments.  With even more side effects than the topical steriod creams like weakening your immune system and even may cause osteroperosis! No thanks. 

Allergy medication- I tried over the counter Benadryl in hopes it would reduce inflammation and the itching. NOPE, it made me super tired, and I definately did not need that.

Lotions- I would cover my psoriasis and eczema with globs of lotion, and I would stand still for a bit in order to let the lotion sink through. For the first time in my life, I went through containers of lotion-like I did gallons of oat milk and it provided a slight temporary relief but was quite inconvenient. 

Apple Cider Vinegar -To my surprise, this was the best DIY treatment out there. A diluted ACV rinse would reduce the itchiness that covered my skin. 

Lemon juice-yes, I put on pure lemon juice on my skin. I was so desperate for the itchiness to go away, so I would do anything to ‘burn’ my skin to have the itchiness go away. This was a bad idea, and didn't help. 

Aloe vera-similar properties to lotion, in the sense it would temporarily soothe the skin and flakes, but it did not reduce itchiness much.

Saunas-I purchased a membership for infrared saunas; sitting in 157-degree heat for 30 minutes until I sweated gallons of water. I also would go to Korean spas so I could sit in steam rooms, hoping it would calm the itchiness.

Float tanks: This actually burned my psoriasis so so much I wasn’t able to sit longer than a few minutes. 

Epsom salts: I would buy salt and place it on my open skin. It was sooo terribly painful, but it relieved the itchiness from my skin at a cost of the pain.  

What Actually Helped My Eczema?

It came after a trip from Budapest. Budapest is known for its rich thermal springs. I would be drinking their tap water, and I was so excited to visit their thermal baths! I had heard and read about their therapeutic aspects of water; hearing it cures many skin conditions and can even reduce signs of cancer. What? Apparently the sulfur in their thermal springs has ‘healing properties’

So after visiting the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath and drinking a ton of their tap water, I had noticed something miraculous…


Daisy Jing Banish



My skin looked absolutely normal!


Then when I returned home, the itchiness began again. I wish I could have brought tubs of water home and bathed in them! 

So I began researching what ingredients there were that made this water the ‘cure all’ for my itchy skin. 

I found that there's evidence that sulphurous mineral waters such as those found in spas can be beneficial for regenerative properties, has strong anti inflammatory properties, and regulates the cell cycle process. 

I realized the rotten egg smell came from Sulfur, so I began researching how I could apply sulfur topically on my skin. Then I stumbled upon… Methylsulfonylmethane! Say that 10 times fast. The name sounds scary, but it’s an organic sulfur found in fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. 

You know how I love minty products, also mint helps reduce inflammation and cools down the itchiness and numbs the pain for my skin.

Upon further research, I found Methylsulfonylmethane helps prevent collagen from breaking down and can also reduce the androgen hormone that causes acne to go crazy!

It’s also used by athletes for sore muscles because of how well it reduces inflammation. 

After testing this product on myself, watching my eczema calm down dramatically and hearing great feedback on the product from the Banish team internally, I wanted to share with you our newest product that first started out as limited edition, but earned it's way into our main product line from all the great feedback! 

Fighter Gel Helps with:

-Psoriasis and Ezcema


-Calming of the skin

So, I am so excited to be sharing with you the our baby The FIGHTER GEL!

Every day we need to fight, whether it’s for our authenticity, confidence, or for my skin! Much like I have to fight for the urge to NOT scratch, itch or pick my skin, the fighter gel has helped me immensely in not itching myself to death (or what it seems like)

Here are some of the great ingredients in the Fighter Gel!

Some amazing ingredients in the Fighter Gel

Organic Aloe

All these ingredients are suspended in organic aloe vera gel

Dimethyl Sulfone


Inhibiting breakdown of collagen

Decrease free radicals

Inhibits androgen hormones that cause acne to go crazy

Arnica (european flower) Mountain Daisy

reduces inflammation and swelling

Boosts healing after surgery https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamafacialplasticsurgery/fullarticle/480929

Organic Gotu Kola


Wound healing: psoriasis, ezcema, therapeutic


heal wounds, muscle spasms, antibacterial

Wild Geranium

  • Astringent, toning properties
  • Stimulates cell turnover
  • Calms inflammation
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Antibacterial

Organic Dandelion

- anti-aging benefits for the skin.

-contains detoxifying properties that rid the skin of toxins that clog pores and cause acne

-vitamin C to speed up the body's natural healing process and reduce the appearance of scars and skin inflammation.


Helps with oil control/reduction, antiseptic properties


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