Everyone in Hollywood Uses This Skincare Gadget

Everyone in Hollywood Uses This Skincare Gadget
by Kali



From jade rollers to ice rollers and everything in-between, facial massaging devices are making pretty big waves in the beauty world right now. Promising everything from better fluid and tension drainage (think teeth grinding) to improved skin elasticity and tone. Every skincare savvy person has at least one facial massaging device in their beauty cabinet, personally, I have 4. But that’s because I'm a crazy skincare lady, and that’s a whole other story.

One facial massager in particular I've repeatedly seen on Instagram is the Nurse Jamie Uplift facial massager. Seriously, it seems like every celebrity with flawless skin has one. It's been endorsed by Shay Mitchell, Hillary Duff, Huda Kattan, Jessica Alba, and Emily Ratajkowski just to throw a few names out there. This automatically makes me think either a. this device really works or b. this device really doesn't work. Seriously, whenever advertising is super heavy on social media it always goes one of two ways, it’s a miracle product or it literally does next to nothing. Of course, you know I had to get my hands on it! What better way to find out if this thing actually works than by putting it to the test myself?


the wand that erases your wrinkles

The Uplift facial Massager is basically this magic wand that claims to erase all signs of aging. Wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and texture be gone! It works by pulling your skin upwards in a massaging motion, mimicking facial massage techniques done in spas or during a facial. It's a great tool for that morning "puffy face" as it uses 24 massaging stones to find the contours of your face and naturally create a slimming effect.

It's super portable and easy to use, you can fit it in practically any purse or clutch and use it on the go if you're a skincare anywhere, anytime type of person. The device is even recommended for all skin types! As ya'll know I am sensitive, acne prone, oftentimes dry, and sometimes oily; so, it's good to know I can continue to follow suit with the roller wherever my skin might take me that day. You can even use the roller on places that need a little extra love like your neck, chin, legs, and even the back of your arms to provide an immediate tightening and uplifting effect.

Uplift Facial Massager Claims:

+ Energizes, enhances, revitalizes, and uplifts your skin

+ Uses a rhythmic rolling action, replicating facial massage techniques

+ Improves skin tone and texture appearance

+ Warms up the facial muscles and tightens the skin

+ Creates a renewed, youthful look


i tried it... here´s what actually happened


For two weeks I tested out the Uplift Facial Massager every single morning. While I didn't see results right away, I did immediately notice how amazing the roller felt on my skin. It has a cooling action similar to that of a jade roller but since it's a bit heavier, it gets deeper into the skin tissue to massage and loosen up your facial muscles. At first when I used it my face just got red, it didn't seem like anything was happening. It took about a week to start noticing actual results; most noticeably being the slimming of my face, relaxing of my jaw, and an immediate tightening effect on the skin.

It has been extremely helpful to reduce morning puffy face and give my facial structure an overall slimmer appearance. And I mean, c'mon who doesn't want higher cheekbones and a tighter neck? I was excited to use this roller because it claims to help built up fluid drainage and relax tension in the jaw. I do have a tendency to grind my teeth at night, it's something I've struggled with for a few years now, so I wasn't really expecting much out of this little gadget but to my amazement it has actually helped! I wake up less stiff around my jaw after a night of clenching my teeth and can physically feel my facial muscles relax as I roll it along my face. It's amazing as an instant headache reliever around your temples and forehead as well!

I can honestly say I'm surprised I've taken a liking to it this much. It's such a relaxing, meditative process, that I find myself reaching for it when I'm winding down before bed, watching tv, or right now (currently) in the middle of the work day. It's convenient and easy-to-use design makes it a no-brainer in my book.


which facial roller is right for you?

With all the different jade, rose quartz, and ice facial rollers on the market, how does the Uplift Facial Massager compare? Honestly, I think they're all about the same with small tweaks depending on your needs. The Uplift Facial Massager is the best for its antiaging and tightening effects. It's also a little heavier than most rollers, so the stones can work to get deeper and loosen up facial muscles while providing an uplifting sensation to the skin. So, if you're someone who holds a lot of tension in your facial muscles, this one might be for you.

Jade rollers are amazing for applying facial oils and improving overall skin tone and texture while ice rollers (like the banish pore smasher) are most suitable for inflamed skin as they work to quickly bring down inflammation and tighten the pores. Regardless of what roller you choose, each provides undisputable benefits you'll notice after every session!


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