Exercising for Good Living

By: Kristina

Fitness is all the rage, nowadays. Life in the twenty-first century is a lot more complicated, courtesy of the several illnesses that are taking hold of humanity. People are only waking from their slumbers and recognizing the importance of exercising. While there is galore of fitness routines to match your individualistic needs, a well-rounded routine comprising of some cardio, weight training and flexibility will do you a great deal of good. Here are several ways in which you are enhancing your quality of life, by taking the time out to focus on fitness:

  • Whip your BMI into shape – This is one of the main perks of working out. You are able to tone down your muscles and get rid of unnecessary fat. Your Body-Mass Index is a determinant of how healthy you are. The World Health Organization states that, since 1980, worldwide obesity rates have doubled. This means that a lot more people are moving towards a hazardous lifestyle. So, exercise, not just to reduce your weight or increase your height, but to ensure that your body mass is balanced as per your age.
  • Cleanse your skin – Exercising is known to get your blood pumping faster. This ensures that your skin cells are nourished and you have lesser impurities in the blood. Impurities are some of the concerns behind blemishes and low immunity. Notice that flush on your face after an early morning jog? It is as good a sign of the impact that working out has on your skin. Therefore, use fitness as an excuse to get radiant skin.
  • Exercise = Good Appetite = More nutrients – It is a no-brainer that keeping yourself fit takes a lot of work. It involves a lot of sweat, sore muscles, and body aches. But let me not scare you away with that notion. A good workout routine helps to gradually build a good appetite. While your quantity intake may increase, it won’t add the same fat to your body, because you’re constantly burning the fats. Plus, it will encourage you to add some more protein and vitamin rich elements to your daily diet.
  • Avoid period cramps – Ladies, pay attention to this. While it may sound horrid, it truly helps. Exercising is a boon for all those days in the month when your uterus is having no mercy on you. Doing crunches regularly reduces the chance of period cramps and makes the ordeal a lot easier to bear. It relaxes the muscles and maintains your body temperature.
  • Meet new people – There’s a whole other community revolving around fitness. Even if you aren’t a hardcore fitness buff, getting into a workout routine is a way of meeting new people – be it at the gym or at a local yoga class. It will motivate you to stay atop your game while expanding your social circles. Moreover, it is always better to work with others, as they can help you with difficulties and educate you about new exercises and the benefits.

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