Feeling Confident with Severe Cystic Acne

June 08, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

With the extreme beauty standards that are very prevalent in today’s society, it’s difficult to see where we draw the line on “beautiful”.  Something that pains around ninety percent of Americans are severe cystic acne. Unfortunately, severe cystic acne is widely seen as something gross, ugly, and needs to be fixed. Although I do agree on the whole ‘getting rid’ of acne idea, as acne can be very painful and bothersome, since its essentially uncontrollable, and no one’s fault really, why is it seen as gross or unattractive if someone is seen with a few pimples, acne scars, or even severe acne?

I got my first pimple while I was in fourth grade. As a nine-year-old with acne, I didn’t really care much at the time as I was still young and still hadn’t been opened to the worlds beauty standards. I also made the mistake of thinking that this would all go away in a few days and I wouldn’t have to worry about it after I turned 12, boy was I wrong. From then on, I always had constant, active acne which later progressed into severe cystic acne. It seemed to be an uphill battle. I could never seem to get it under control and the scars and pimples only got worse. I had never really been made fun of for my acne until I entered 6th grade. I was still the only person in my class who had acne, let alone a full face of it. I was called so many names, and as I entered middle school I was really hit with the worlds beauty standards. Once I was opened to the whole new world of being judged, that was when the self-doubt and insecurities set in.

From that point on I had really hated my skin and, like most pimple stories, I felt that everyone I talked to was looking at the hundreds of pimples all over my face. I felt too ashamed to even leave my house most of the time. I would look in the mirror and would hate what I saw. Since I never left my house at that point I became extremely pale, which is very unlike me. That basically made my acne scars worse and my insecurities became worse. Even after I had gotten most of my acne somewhat under control, I was still made fun of.

Around a year later, my forehead acne had gone away and I had started to feel a little better about myself. What really helped me overcome my acne and insecurities was watching videos on fellow sufferers and reading blogs for support.