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Watch my Tedx talk about my struggle with acne and the unrealistic beauty standards of perfection so many of us are struggling to achieve 



 My greatest accomplishment so far of 2019 has been my Tedx talk,  “ A Tragedy called Perfection”, where I share my struggles with my skin. As you may know, all my life I’ve struggled with my skin. My skin has always caused me issues. From developing a pimple in the third grade to now having psoriasis, my skin has always been my biggest physical insecurity.

I remember throughout my skin journey, I tried nearly every single product. And with each jar of product, came this image of 'perfection', if only I use this cream then I can live this image of perfection and all my problems will go away! Instead, because of my ultra sensitive skin, my skin would get worse and break out.

What did I learn through this process? Of creating my Tedx Talk?

Well, for one, the process of creating this talk took way longer than I expected. This story is so personal. How do I take everything from my life, all my thoughts, feelings and insecurities and compress it in a 16 minute speech? I had ideas after ideas, I had a google doc of almost 75 pages of drafts and ideas. It was truly painful to delete entire paragraphs and pages of my speech to keep it under the 18 minute mark. What do I truly stand for? What is my purpose in life? And how can I share that to help others?

daisy jing ted talk 

For me, my struggle with my skin is a symptom of a bigger issue internally.

My determination to ‘fix’ my skin so it would appear ‘perfect’ was my obsession with trying to ‘fit in’. Oh, how I desperately wanted to fit in with everyone else-I wanted to have clear skin like those sunkissed girls in their bathing suits. I wanted to look like that image of barbie, have those eyes that seemingly changed color with the environment, long eyelashes, lithe physique. I wanted to fit in to this ‘image’ that society would sell to us.

Because I thought, if I ‘fit in’, then I will be accepted, and if I’m ‘accepted’ then I”ll be ‘loved’ and if I’m 'loved, accepted, respected', well then I will have the courage to be who I am and everyone will love me for that.

But that’s so backwards. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Instead of struggling to find external acceptance, we need to accept ourselves internally. We should be confident in our own selves regardless of what the external world tells us we should be.

What's The Hardest Lesson I Learned?

Of course, it’s way easier said than done. The hardest thing we’ll have to learn how to do is accept ourselves, fully. And that takes a lifetime, and many elders still struggle with that. 

And throughout this year of working on my Tedx talk, I’ve learned to remain true to my roots and the mission of Banish, and of course my own personal mission. Banish is unconventional-we are different. From our freshly made products, to only selling on our website, to even the packaging and pickiness of our ingredients, we’re not like any other skincare brand out there.

We’re vertically integrated and control nearly every process from production to delivery to marketing to customer service.  We are the definition of a small business in every sense of the word, we take pride and care of every single product shipped, we truly care about our Banish soldiers and want to learn about them in every way possible. Every day I wake up and look at the orders-I look up our customers, our Banish Soldiers, because I want to know who they are, what they do, what they’re like. I recognize some names on our most loyal Soldiers. I read through every single review.

We want to stay away from pressure to be any brand but who we stand for here at Banish. I’ll never show you aspirational images of you with perfect skin, I’ll never sell you image of poreless, scar-free, wrinkle free skin. I'm straight up: I’ll always tell you that our obsession with our external appearance is a symptom of a bigger issue that no skincare product can ever fix.

For the rest of the year, I want to focus on our mission: how can we spread the word that external beauty doesn’t solve what is hurting underneath?

Join me in spreading the word! It’s not the way you look that matters, it’s the way you feel 

Daisy Jing

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