I Tried Juicing For One Month and Here’s What Happened

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I Tried Juicing For One Month and Here’s What Happened

by Kali Kushner



Although it may be a fad now, juicing isn’t anything new in our culture.In fact, it’s been around forever. Practicallysince caveman squashed fruit with their bare feet and decided to drink it (I don’t know if that’s how it really happened, but it seems legit so let’s go with that).You’re probably picturing it now- that large carton or plastic container of Tropicana labeled “pulp free”.


Just about every grocery store out there is chock full of juice ranging from orange to mango and everythingin between but unfortunately most of these beverages have unwanted added ingredients and an excess amount of sugar making them less than the idea of healthy- so for now I want you to get that picture of “juice” out of your mind.



sooo... what is juice then?



Instead, what I want you to think of is real, freshly squeezed (or pressed)fruits and vegetables.This is the good stuff, or theliquid gold as I like to call it. No fillers, added sugars, nothingbut solid nutrients from all the fruits and veggies.Juicing is the process of extractingwell, Juice, from fruits or vegetables.Juicing gives the body ready to go & easy to digest micronutrients,so less energy is expended digestingthepulp or fiber.


You can create your own concoction of juice using whatever ingredients you want right in your own home(you’ll need a juicer or a blender for that)or if you’ve got one of those handy dandy juice bars near you that’s always a viable option as well!Its basically like getting in your recommended serving of2 ½ cups of veggies and 2 cups of fruit in just one sitting, which is pretty stellar considering how many people don’t get enough of either of these food groups.K, seriously though when’s the last time you had that many fruits and vegetables in a day?!





what can juicing do for me?


Convenient, easy to digest, and improved ailments/diseases are just a few reasons whypeople have so quickly fallen in love with juicing. Here areseveralother benefits to juicing:


+ Better nutrient absorption (not digesting tons of fiber)

+You consume a wider range of vegetables (which allows for more nutrients to be absorbed)

+Feeds good bacteria to the gut

+Lowers Cholesterol

+ Helps to manage blood sugar

+Detoxifies the body

+Improves athletic performance

+ Improves mood

+ Helpsusachieve glowing, radiant skin



why I jumped on the juice train



Looking for something to clear my skin,I started juicing abouta month ago. I can’t exactly tell you why it was the first thing that popped into my mind, maybe it was because I got a juicer for Christmas or maybe on another subconscious level it wassomeone’s Instagram post I saw a while back- either way I had it dead set in my mind that this was it, I was juicing. Every single morning on an empty stomach, tokickstart my digestion and get my juices (see what I did there) flowing. I remember my mom telling me my uncle turned orange once from drinking nothing but carrot juice, so I wasn’t going to juice justanythingI knew I had to do my research. That’s when I came across celery juice. A little forgot about ingredient that we rarely use except in the occasional soup, celeryactually hashuge health benefits with skin healing powers being towards the top.


Besides clearing your skin, Celery juice has the ability to:


+Help with Insomnia

+Give you a natural boost of energy

+Help with weight loss

+ Fight off cancer

+Improvekidney and bowel functions

+ Help with digestion

+Detoxify the body

+Balance the body’s pH

+ Act as an anti inflammatory

+ Ease migraines and body-aches

+ … and many more!


Sounds pretty greatamirite? Well I put it to the test. Every. Single. Day. For 30 days straight I drank celery juice on an empty stomach. Lucky for you, and for me, I love the taste so it wasn’t very hard to throw em back, butlet’s talk about thejuicin journey.The ups, the downs, the wholeshabang.





my 30 day juice detox



Week One:During the first week my skin was crazy, I was experiencing the worst breakout I’ve had in years and it was leaving behind some serious scars. I was desperate and hopeful for a fix so I put all my faith into juicing. Luckily it only took about 3 days for my skin to bounce back and about a week for my digestion to even out.


Week Two:I began to find it hard juicing every single morning during the second week so I started Juice prepping, only a day or two in advanced but still enough to get me by. Mornings are super crazy and time restrictive for me so I don’t always have time to juice fresh each day. Juice prepping allows you to be prepared for up to 72 hours or 3 days while retaining most of the nutrients. Of course it’s best to drink right away but for those who can’t, it’s not an issue!


My skin continued to clear, I only had about one spot left and any hyper-pigmentation started slowly fading.I noticed during the second week that my digestion was better than ever, I wasn’t running to the bathroom constantly but rather going regularly just once or twice a day. My sleep felt more restful and I began waking up more energized than ever before!


Week Three:Clear skin for the win! I’ve gone three weeks without a single new pimple in sight. Not only am I feeling optimistic about my skin but about my health in general! Better skin, digestion, sleep, less body achesandmy headaches are gone!! I’ve always suffered with a dull, throbbing headacheduring the mornings from grinding my teeth when I sleep but not anymore!At this point

I’ve realized there was a lot more wrong with my health than I thought, and perhaps I was feeling sick fora long time and my skin was just a small part of that.I want to feel well and I think that starts by eating well!


Week Four:The final week of my juicing adventure! I’ve already decided I’m not going to stop here though, I think juicing is something I will ultimately make a permanent part of my morning routine.I’ve noticed far too many positive benefits to stop now.I look better, I feel better andit’s an easy way to make sure I get all of my fruits and vegetables every single day. Ultimately I noticed:


+Improved skin conditions

+ Better digestion

+ Better sleep

+ Less aches/pains (headaches specifically)

+ Better workouts!

+Improved Vision

+Better mood!

+ Less body inflammation / pain after workouts!



Have you tried juicing for acne? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!


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