How to Get perfectly Beautiful Skin in a Month

By: Wara

Beautiful and flawless skin is a dream of every girl which is not difficult to achieve if you decide to change your routine. I have also experienced the guilt of having acne scars which I wanted to hide from everyone. It's a difficult time in one’s life but if you decided to fight this acne then definitely you will. Here is a complete routine which makes your skin healthy and glowing.

1. Wake up early after taking an adequate 8 hours sleep.
2. Take a good nutritious breakfast since diet has a very important role on your skin.
3. Take bath daily as it prevents acne.
4. If your skin is bit oily then try to put some talcum powder on your forehead nose and cheeks 2-3times a day.
5. Tie your hairs and don't allow them to come on your face.
6. Try to put less oil on your hairs near your forehead and skin of the face.
7. Always use sunscreen when you go out during day time.
8. Put face masks at least 2-3times in a week. There are various homemade masks which are very beneficial like a paste of turmeric and yogurt has a very beneficial effect or putting aloe vera for whole night produces excellent results. It will lighten the scars and also treat acne amazingly within a single night.
9. Drink plenty of water as it definitely has very good effects on your skin.
10. Change your pillow cover after every 2-3days as it may be the cause of your acne.
11. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
12. Don't use that towel for the face which you used for cleaning your hands. Always use a clean separate towel.
13. Take vitamin c supplements as it accelerates the healing process if you have acne scars.
14. Take green tea as it is a very good antioxidant and remove the unwanted oxidative free radicals which cause skin breakouts and different diseases.
15. Reduce consumption of dairy products and chocolates in your daily routine.
16. Take boiled mint water daily as it purifies your blood and has very good effects.
17. Take fish oil supplements as they have a very good effect on your skin.
18. Reduce consumption of fried, oily foods.
19. Stay away from junk food.
20. Be happy and keep away from stress as it increases cortisol hormone which is the cause of morbidity.

If you strictly follow this routine then you will get a perfect skin within a month and have persistently glowing and clear skin.

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