How to Make a List of your New Year's Resolution

How many times have we said this to ourselves at the beginning of a new year? We enter the year optimistic and hopeful that this will finally be our year. But how many times do we actually achieve the goals we set for ourselves? Here are just a few tips & tricks to help set some goals for the new year. 


            Think back on the previous year. What goals did you set for yourself then? Which ones did you reach and which ones didn’t you? Maybe you might want to think about the goals that you achieved and how they help improved your life. Reflecting will give you a good idea of what kind of goals to set are right for you. 


            Sometimes when setting goals for the new year we can get a little carried away. It’s important to be realistic with our goals so we don’t end up feeling disappointed when we can’t reach them. Although nothing is impossible not everything we want can be obtained in just 365 days. Set goals that you are sure can be accomplished within the next year. 


            Something we should all strive to do in the upcoming year is to push ourselves a little. Think of the goals you already had in mind for yourself and then just maybe add a little more to that. For example, maybe this year you wanted to go to the gym at least twice a week. Make it three times a week instead. 


            As the year goes on many of us tend to forget what are goals for the year even are. Maybe setting up reminders on your phone will help you to not forget about them. It’s an easy and simple way to keep up with your goals for the year.


            Another great way to set some goals for yourself is to include your friends! Why not make some goals that both you and a close friend can both accomplish together? A lot of things can be easier to achieve when you have someone to help and encourage you along the way. I mean isn’t that what friends are for? And of course, it’s always nice to have someone to share your success with when you have finally reached your goal.

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