My Preparation for Christmas

By: Sharina

As a young girl, I loved Christmas because I got gifts and presents. I mean, what kid didn’t love unwrapping gifts. Although coming from an immigrant family where we moved to the United States, my parents didn’t understand Christmas, or any of the American Holidays (Thanksgiving, 4th of Jul, etc). I remember being excited about Santa and have pictures from when Santa would visit my school, but we would never visit him at the mall like everyone else. However, I was left with questions and wondering why Santa would never come to our house (there was never a gift from Santa), or down our fireplace like all the kids at school would brag about when we got back from holidays. We would never put cookies and milk out for Santa (I didn’t know it was a thing until I was old enough to know there was no Santa) or carrots for the reindeers.

We never had any traditions, except for waking up super early on Christmas and opening presents. All I knew growing up is that Christmas was when you get gifts for some reason or another. I find myself wondering what traditions to start with my son this year. I want him to have all the traditional fixings like making a gingerbread house, making cookies for Santa, leaving carrots for Santa’s Reindeers. I promised myself that when he became old enough, we would start. I started reading some articles this year. I have to say, some parents really get into it and make sure their kids think Santa is real. Here are a few ideas that I loved:

  1. Reindeer Poop – parents leave Hershey kisses unwrapped on the ground outside by the fireplace to show that the reindeer were there, along with reindeer prints in the snow. Since we don’t live in a place that has snow or a backyard, I was going to put them by the fireplace.
  2. Santa Foot Prints – parents leave Shoe prints to resemble Santa’s foot prints.  People use a cut off of a shoe print and sprinkle with salt, cotton, confetti, glitter, whatever they had. People get really creative.  
  3. At mid-night – parents play bells sounds and Santa’s voice saying “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”. I liked this idea the most, however, I think I will do this as my son gets older, he’s only 2 and let’s face it, I need the rest and so does he.  

I am not sure what else I would like to do, however, I love reading about the ways parents go to lengths to ensure their kids believe in Santa. I like it because I never get to experience that, and it’s so nice to see the holidays through the eyes of my son, it brings an innocence and love like I have never seen or even known before.  

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