August 09, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Annie

Hot weather does not mean we do not need to moisturize skin in the summer.  Instead, moisturizing skin in this season should be emphasized more as the fierce sun can cause damaged and dehydrated skin more than ever. However, keep in mind the methods you use to moisturize skin in the summer to avoid greasy skin.

In the summer heat, you should refrain from applying too many skin care products on your face. The overload of product can clog pores if there is too much products sitting on top to prevent proper flow of sebum out of pores to the surface of skin. If the blocked pores get infected acne can even appear. Summer skin easily catches the heat from the sun and sweats quickly, so you should choose a liquid or gel moisturizer to penetrate the skin quickly. Thinner moisturizers usually do not leave the skin oily. For a day cream, you should choose something with SPF in it to take care of your skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays, avoid many potential skin damage issues in the future.


The use of scented lotion in the summer can be a factor in causing rashes irritation or breakouts on girls who have sensitive skin. You should not use skincare products that contain chemical ingredients such as flavor, fragrance or parfum.

To accelerate the absorption of facial moisturizers or creams, you should warm it up before applying. You just rub clean palms together gently for about 20 seconds, the cream will be heated by friction. After heating, put on the face cream by tapping gently in upwards motion. This will help the moisturizer absorb without leaving greasy stains.  

Most of us have a habit of spreading cream from center out around the face. However, in doing so, the amount of cream will be more concentrated on the outer edges of your face. The thicker layer near the outer edges are capable of clogging pores, causing acne. Therefore, you should create a process that would evenly distribute the amount of moisturizer or cream you apply.

You can apply a small amount of moisturizer on the fingers, then gently tap some of the cream on the cheeks, forehead and chin to evenly distribute it. With your fingers lightly rub the cream into your cheeks, then the move onto the forehead and finally the neck nose, and chin area.  

The Ideal time to apply your moisturizer or lotions in the summer is right after cleansing or bathing. Meanwhile, your body and your skin is clean clean and softened from cleansing so skincare products are able to absorb more easily.  

Hope these tips help you out with moisturizing in the summer!