Makeup is Not Skincare For Acne

July 26, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Everybody wants beautiful skin. Whether you’re a girl, boy, young adolescent, or someone with older matured skin—everyone would rather have beautiful healthy skin. People achieve this look in so many different ways. One of those ways is makeup.

Makeup does not give you beautiful skin; it simply gives you the appearance of beautiful skin. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using makeup to touch up your features, but it is important to know that makeup does not replace skincare for acne. More often then not, makeup can make your skin worse if used incorrectly.

I’m sure we’ve all had those trouble zits or terrible breakouts from time to time (I know I have). When this happens, we’re all so tempted to cover it up and hide behind our foundations and concealers. Redness on my face? Cover it up. Pimples on my chin? Cover it up. Eye bags from hell? Cover it up. I think many of us have gotten to a point where we rely so heavily on our makeup to fix our problems, but why not work on the source? Get a good routine as part of your skincare for acne.

If your skin is causing all these problems that you want to cover up, why not just fix your skin? I know, this is easier said than done, but relying on makeup alone can dry out your skin, break out your skin, make your skin look aged, clog your pores, and so much more. And the worse your skin gets, the more makeup you would want to pile on to cover it up. Eventually, you are stuck in this vicious cycle of trying to keep up with the appearance of beautiful skin while damaging your skin further.

Here are some tips to help get you out of this cycle:

  • Take a break from makeup. Even if it’s just one day, one week, or one month. Just take a break to give your skin time to breathe and heal.
  • Invest in makeup removers that work really well. Facial cleansers should not be the only step you use to take off makeup. Good makeup removers really go a long way in helping your skin.
  • Take the time to learn which specific makeup products make your skin worse. Some products are great and do little to no harm, and others just may look good for the moment, but end up damaging your skin more. Try to avoid products that do more harm than good.
  • If you’re going to spend your big bucks on beautiful skin, prioritize the big bucks on skincare products over makeup products. It’s completely okay to spend lots of cash on makeup, but if you were given the choice between a really nice foundation and a really nice serum, I say go for the serum.

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