My Acne Hurts, What Can I Do to Make the Pain Go Away?

June 29, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments


worst painful pimple spots

What’s worse than having acne?  Having Painful acne!  Not only do those pimples want to show up it the most visible spots that people look at and pretty much can’t cover up  like right on your face, but they also decide to be extra attention seeking by being very painful and itchy sometimes!  

Don’t worry pimples, I see you there and I can feel you too.

Which type of pimples hurt?

Usually cystic acne hurts the most because they’re deep under the skin and all the bacteria and dead white blood cells are building up and expanding within the pore which can cause a lot of pressure.   Cystic acne happens usually because of a hormone imbalance causing too much oil to be produced within the pore, and it ends up starting a blockage which can get inflamed when it becomes a cyst.  

At Banish, we think dealing with cystic acne is enough of a pain, so here’s some ways you don’t have to deal with the physical pain of pimples.  And before you think of using your Banisher roller on a cyst - Stop right now because it's not meant for pimples or cysts! It's meant to help with the scars that acne leave behind.

 To Reduce Pain On A Cystic Pimple

1. Use an over the counter pain reliever like ibuprofen.  That will help with the swelling, pain , and inflammation of the acne.  Make sure you follow the instructions on the medication.

2. Apply a warm compress to relieve pain and help draw out the pimple to a head so it heals faster.  You can heat up a tower in hot water and hold it on the pimple for 5 minutes up to 5 times a day.

3. With cysts, you should avoid skin drying spot treatments.  This is because the cyst is so deep under the skin that the drying treatment won’t be drying out the pimple, instead it will just dry out the layer of skin above the pimple which can lead to flakiness and more skin irritation.

4. You can apply ice to constrict the blood vessels around the pimple.  This will reduce the amount of swelling and calm an inflammed cyst.  You can use good ol regular ice!  If ice isn't a resource you usually have around, We recommend using the Pore Smasher which is part of the Banish Starter Kit since ice itself can  be inconvenient to use as the ice melts quickly.  The Pore Smasher stays cool for longer periods and it can be more sanitary too since you can easily wipe down and clean the surface of the pore smasher between each use.

    Comment below which pimple areas hurt the most for you?    The ones right on the lips are absolutely the worst!