Sometimes I think people with acne tend to forget they are not alone in this situation. I can definitely say that I am one of those people. Let me tell you a little bit about my skin and how this has impacted my acne.

Being a high school student, my life can get pretty stressful which tends to cause pimples in a lot of people, especially me. Many years ago my skin was pretty normal and oily on some occasions, however, through these teenage years, it's completely changed.

At this current moment, I have incredibly sensitive but also very oily skin. This has definitely made it extremely difficult to deal with my ever increasing acne. My skin will often become inflamed to new harsh acne products designed to dry out your skin. Special spot treatments such as Clearasil and tea tree oil are useless as they only aggravate my skin even more which I could go on about forever but will have to leave for another post.

It is honestly so frustrating spending so much on products that only seem to make my skin worse. Since I also have oily skin in my t-zone, I always seem to break out in those areas and I am completely unable to treat it because any product I try to use will only cause further damage and leave me with flaky skin that is absolutely impossible to cover with makeup.

Alongside my sensitive skin, I also have really bad hyperpigmentation in my acne marks. They have steadily accumulated over the past year and a half and have not gone down at ALL. The build up of oils and makeup on my skin when trying to cover these marks breaks me out even more and so now I’m stuck in this horrible cycle, unable to cover my pimples and old scars without breaking out all over again.

With my skin being so sensitive and oily at the same time, it is so hard not to be angry with myself because it's my body itself that’s causing the problem. It is so frustrating being unable to do anything to fix the problem without spending a fortune on scar creams, money which I simply don’t have. Instead, I keep damaging my skin with products I know won't work but I still use anyways because I am so desperate. 

If anyone else with sensitive skin is out there and is going through the same experience, I honestly understand how difficult it is to deal with and I hope you realize you are not alone and that hopefully one day we can get past this barrier.

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