4 Grooming Tips Every Man Should Follow For Better Skin

November 28, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Adam

This article is for the guys. There isn’t much difference in the skin of a man or of a woman. But there are some key differences that men have to keep in mind when taking care of their skin. The biggest, most ultimate rule for their skin is:

1. Invest in a good razor

The key difference between man and women’s skincare is the fact that men grow a lot more facial hair. Maintaining this has to be a part of your daily routine. My tip would be to go the electric razor route and use something that you can use without any shaving cream or anti-shave. Since you have to do this every day (even if you have a beard you can also change the angles and the way it looks) it is crucial for every man’s skin to have a razor that doesn’t tug or irritate the skin. 

Absolutely by no means buy a dollar store razor. I know times may be tough for you but remember the entire world sees your face so its money worth investing. By using a clipper to keep your beard short you can control the amount of oil on your face. Also by keeping your hair short it will stop you from putting your fingers through your beard which could give you gnarly pimples. It terms of stubble, remember to shave your neck and underneath your face to keep it clean.

2. Skip the Alcohol

Don’t worry boys, I’m not talking about the skipping the bar. The alcohol I’m talking about is the alcohol is traditionally found in aftershave. Men used to use an aftershave with alcohol because it's used in killing bacteria. Although this may seem important keep your face clean, the alcohol can be abrasive on your skin – creating more problems. 

What your skin really needs after a clean shave is a moisture. Aim for an aftershave that is alcohol-free and is moisturizer based. Ones that contain natural oils such as tea tree oil, or aloe will help in keeping your face both moisturized and bacteria free. Don’t worry if you have razor bumps, the alcohol will only make it worse so stick with the lotion.

3. Exfoliate

Since men shave all the time, they have to keep their faces dirt and particle free. They are applying a blade to their face every day creating a risk for infection and irritation. Men should aim to exfoliate (even the parts of your skin with beards) at least once a week. This will eliminate any possibility for blackheads or pimples.

4. Oil it up

It may seem counterproductive to consciously put on oils on your face, even after putting so many oils on your face. But shaving every day can be taxing on your skin’s natural moisture barrier. By putting oils such as a basic mineral oil, or a rosehip oil, you can prevent skin irritation or damage caused by the shaving.

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