Does Aftershave Cause Or Help Acne?

Shaving consistently creates constant stress and damage to the outermost layer of your skin. Although aftershave is not completely necessary, it is often used to soothe the skin after shaving. Shaving can sometimes cause irritation and inflammation that can also lead to other skin issues - so treating the skin after shaving is probably a good idea

You’re probably here because you are curious if aftershave causes acne, and I’m going to dig a little deeper on this topic - so let's talk about it!

The following information will shine a light on the use of aftershave and other ingredients that may be a better choice to soothe the skin after shaving. If you have sensitive skin, you might need to double check with a dermatologist or patch test before trying any of these ingredients on your skin. 

Does Aftershave Cause Acne

The simple answer to this question is: yes and no (it really depends and I’ll go further into detail). There can be some determining factors of Aftershave that may cause you acne, but it can also depend on your skin. 

Aftershave typically includes a fair amount of alcohol. Alcohol has been said to ‘kill bacteria on the skin.’ While this is true, it can also be quite irritating and cause more problems on the skin. 

If you are acne prone, a lot of times excess alcohol can irritate skin and cause acne and skin irritations. 

Does Aftershave Help Acne

In some cases, Aftershave can contain ingredients that may in turn help someone’ acne. Usually by killing bacteria on the skin that causes breakouts. This is not the case for everyone, though.

Some aftershaves include Alcohol and Witch Hazel which can kill bacteria and help with acne. But if you have sensitive skin, this could be a completely different experience for you. 

Highly scented aftershaves may cause further irritation especially if you already have acne prone and sensitive skin.  

What To Use Instead of Aftershave

Investing in a good moisturizer and a skincare routine that's tailored toward acne prone skin is a great alternative to use instead of aftershave altogether.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few things you can use instead of aftershave.  Here are a few things that can be used instead:

  • Coconut Oil - coconut oil can moisturize skin to help with irritation, but if you have very oily skin normally, it's best not to add coconut oil as an aftershave. 
  • Witch Hazel - Witch hazel has anti inflammatory and astringent properties and is ideal for oilier or acne prone skin types
  • Aloe Vera Gel - aloe vera can moisturize and soothe the skin.
  • Bees Wax - Ideal for sensitive skin, contains Vitamin A and moisturizing properties.

Ingredients That Will Help Acne and Irritation From Shaving 

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - Aloe is a great ingredient to soothe the skin after shaving. It has many natural properties that help keep the skin moisturized and also soothes the skin.

Gotu Kola - Gotu Kola has natural anti-inflammatory properties that helps the skin to recover after shaving. Some other benefits is that it aids in keeping your skin firmer & also acts as an antioxidant to fight off free radical damage.

Dandelion - Rich in antioxidants that helps to nourish, tone & balance skin. It also contains detoxifying properties that help to unclog pores & reduce skin inflammation.

Recommended Product:

The Banish Fighter Gel is a great alternative that can be used in place of aftershave. It contains the ingredients above and also has peppermint which provides minor pain relief as well. The ingredients work together to reduce inflammation, add some hydration without feeling oily,  and soothe the skin.

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