By Mari

My boyfriend had acne for all 4 years in High School. He had a really severe case which made him extremely depressed and he constantly told me that he wanted to remove all his acne marks right away. Before he had acne, he told me that he used to tease those who used to have them, and when it came to the point in time where puberty decided hit him and so he got the biggest dose of karma. He is now also currently realizing what pain comes when a person is suffering from acne. His mom kept on nagging to not do this and that to help with cure the acne marks he had. For him that nagging constantly reminded him how bad acne was.


When the acne marks were lessened he felt a sense of enjoyment and happiness he hasn’t felt in years when he looks upon a mirror. He told me that he reflected upon the experience of having to try so much medicines and to go to a lot of facial treatment just to clear his face. He realized that, having acne doesn’t just come with having a bad look on your face but a bad feeling whenever people look at you.


I did not include this in the natural list of things I have tried because one, me and my boyfriend tried this together on Facetime and two, I am not that sure if these two products are actually all natural. Toothpaste was also something I have tried for my face. I either used it alone or with a baking soda mixture and it goes both meh and yay for me, so trial and error on that. Another thing that me and my boyfriend has tried and am constantly still trying out is the all around product – Baking soda. It worked extremely well for me before when I was young, then I tried it again once more and the results turned worse than I expected. It worked once for me so I thought it would only do me better this time, yet when I left an overnight baking soda plus water mixture on my face, it just gave me bigger problems which were bigger pimples. I think the baking soda also reacted to the acidity of my body so that is why it did not work as well as I hoped it would. On the other hand, my boyfriend peeled off his acne and so it went away continuously, ain’t he the chosen one.

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