By Mari

I definitely have to say that from when I was already 14 years old, I have started to try out using products ranging from Soaps, Facial Wash, Exfoliant Solution, Facial Cleanser, Toners, Serums, Cremes, Masks and Ointments only to have made my skin even worse!


I have also talked to a dermatologist dozens of times, but what else can she recommend me other than the product they are selling? I am really disheartened each time I buy something really expensive that turns out not to help me even in a small way. Every time I get a facial in the mall to have my face go through a steamer and have the acne be squeezed and pulled out, the pain is just not worth it. It means I would have to keep going to that place just to treat my acne but on the longer note, I will not be able to just visit there whenever a breakout happens. I am still in need of a permanent cure to help me end my suffering from acne because I just want to be stop being fooled by so much advertisements and products that say that this contains that, and this targets this area of your face and nothing happens when I try it with my own skin.


I think that the thing I feel guilty the most about is actually picking on my acne! Trust me, do not do it! No matter how much you think it will help you, it just creates an even bigger problem by scarring it. When I was still new with acne, my mom was not there to guide me and tell me not to touch my face. Almost every single day, I wanted to just remove the acne from my face and so I just kept using my fingernails to pluck away the acne and so the bacteria just spread and my condition worsened. I have to admit that it did actually feel good when I picked away the acne because I felt it was not there anymore, but from what I have learned, temporary happiness is most likely going to just lead you to long-term pain.


I assure you that you should not choose a quick way to end the acne you are suffering from because it will only give you a longer time to suffer from it if you are not patient enough to let time heal it.

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