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My Extreme Anti-Aging Secrets

My Extreme Anti-Aging Secrets

By Daisy Jing 


Today, I’m going to talk about extreme anti-aging secrets or ways to age gracefully. I’m turning 30 years old in a couple of months and while I don’t think I look super young, I would say, for my skin, I look pretty good. I’m not wearing any face makeup right now. I just did the new  Banisher  treatment on my skin so I’m not wearing any makeup but I don’t have crow’s feet, I don’t have eye wrinkles. I think if I have anything that’s showing my age, I would say it’s probably my laugh lines.

This is not to continuously promote  Banish  but I think I don’t have eye wrinkles because I continuously use  Banish  on my temples all the time. You know I have acne scars on my temples, because of that I’m continuously going over this area where I would get crow’s feet and because I’m continuously building collagen and using Ascorbic Acid and Banish oil onto my skin, I feel that has prevented me from really showing any crow’s or laugh lines.

It’s funny because my brother, who is 12 years younger than me, he has wrinkles on the upper cheek area when he smiles or just in general, he’s only 18 and I don’t, so that’s good to know!

This isn’t to say that I want to look young forever. I think you should be your age and own it because that is part of who you are and your experiences but for me I definitely want to look like I lived an amazing life through my face! I don’t want to look like I got hit by a truck and I lived a hard life. Even if I did live a hard life, I don’t want to look like it, right?  I definitely want to age gracefully and there’s nothing wrong with looking 30, 40, 50 years old or being older or younger. I think society artificially puts this crazy standard for us to look 21 at all times and that is not possible.

For me, I don’t think I’m going to get  botox  probably until I’m in my late 40’s, that’s like my agreement to myself because I feel like if I get botox now, I’m not going to take care of my skin. I’ll use that as an excuse not to have to take care of my skin. I don’t want to get botox until I really need it or there’s probably like I was late 40’s and then I think when I’m maybe 65 or 60 years old, I might do a face lift or might get that saggy skin removed, or neck lift but I don’t plan getting any kind of procedure done until I’m in my late 40’s.



It’s really important to know that when you’re doing anti-aging and anti-aging preparation, you want to start before it actually happens. So when you already have those wrinkles and fine lines, there’s nothing you can do to get rid of them other than inject fillers. After the age of 20, your body naturally produces 1% less collagen every single year, so that is why a 20-year old looks younger than a 30-year old and so on.

You actually start the aging process really young at 20 years old. You want to start in your 20’s, you don’t want to wait until you’re 50 to start the anti-aging process. The first thing that I would recommend first and foremost to slow down the anti-aging process, is to:


different sunscreens placed on top of a wooden bench

I know this has been said so many times out there but I feel like Asians look a lot younger in general because of genetics. Genetics count about 85% of the aging process and because Asians in Asian culture, stereotypically, we are obsessed about going out in the sun, we are always the ones carrying umbrellas, we are the ones wearing those weird motorcycle shield things. We are constantly protecting ourselves from the sun and you might laugh at us when we’re walking down the beach, covered from head to toe with sun protection, but you’re not going to be laughing 20 years from now when we’re going to look the same.

So I would always say wear sunscreen, I always have a hat, a visor, a cap, in my car or in my backpack, or wherever it is that I am just to protect my face and honestly, it’s not even for anti-aging, it’s so that my acne scars won’t get darker but I love how treating acne scars is the same way you would treat anti-aging stuff, like you’re both trying to prevent the skin from creasing any more than it is. So I always carry a hat because I’m always using Banish on my face and I want to protect my face from the sun.

Just carry some kind of accessory, a hat or whatever to prevent yourself from the sun and I also always buy the cheapest sunglasses. I don’t own Gucci sunglasses, I don’t own Chanel sunglasses because I would lose all of them so I buy the $20 or $25 sunglasses and I buy the big ones and I put them everywhere.

I put a bunch in my car, I put a bunch in my backpack, in my suitcase or wherever it is that I am so that way it protects my eyes. I actually did that because I had Lasik so I’m not allowed to look at the sun. If you have the big frames, you will cover a bigger area so that won’t get exposed to sun damage and it won’t crease, and get lines through there.

Always wear  sunscreen  and no matter what you’re doing or where you are, I always try to wear a tinted moisturizer and that gets me in the habit of using sunscreen. I always try to get a foundation with  SPF. I know some people don’t like using them because there’s flashback in flash photography, but I don’t go anywhere where people are taking pictures of me with flash.

Having sunscreen accessible wherever it is that you are is really the key to not forgetting to apply it and I always try to get things with  Titanium Dioxide  and  Zinc Oxide because it will help reflect the sun from getting in to you. Any kind of sunscreen or wherever you can just keep it around is really good.


man washiing his face with water


When I wash my face, I don’t use anything that foams my skin. After you wash your face, you don’t want it to look like your skin is tight. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t want to feel like your skin is clean, you want to feel like your skin is clean but not like cleeeaaannn. You know what I mean?

Any kind of  surfactant  or any kind of  sulfates  or foaming agents in the face wash that you use strip away the natural oils in your skin and dry skin is going to cause aging. wrinkles to appear deeper and crack more so you just want to keep your face always moisturized and that means not using anything harsh to remove your makeup or to clean your face.

For me, what I use is the Starter cleanser from Banish. I don’t think we sell this anymore but I really love this product because if you look at the ingredients in the back, there’s absolutely no sulfates, nothing that foams. It actually works more like a lotion than it does as a cleanser.

If I need to remove makeup, I will use either a makeup wipe, micellar water or something like coconut oil or some kind of natural oil to get rid of all the makeup and then I will go in with the Starter Cleanser, nothing that foams to kind of just cleanse the face naturally but I really try to avoid using any kind of harsh exfoliants on my face, I will try to avoid using anything that foams or just strips away and makes my face feeling clean. Once your face feels clean, I feel like you have overdone it with the stripping of the oils.

The oils are there in your skin for a reason, there’s no reason for us to take them out of our skin because once we strip away our skin of the oils, first of all, our skin is going to dry and second of all, our skin is going to overcompensate by producing more oil and you don’t want that.



foam cleanser poured on left hand

If you want really good recommendations for what to use, I would say go to whole foods or go to a natural store and read the ingredients. See if you know what everything is in there. Don’t use anything with  sulfates  or anything that foams.



alcohol ingredient highlighted in light red on a label

In your skincare, be careful in using products with alcohol. I think one of those famous face sprays has alcohol and it feels really good because the alcohol makes the product evaporate very fast from the skin so you feel like it’s very refreshing but in the long run it’s going to dry your skin out like crazy!

So I don’t use anything in my skincare with alcohol. I love using the  Vitamin C Beauty Elixir  from Banish because it has no alcohol. It has aloe vera leaf juice instead so that’s really great!

You want to use some kind of skin mist to keep your skin hydrated and I like to flop this in my suitcase especially when I’m travelling. When I’m travelling every few hours, I will apply the Banish oil before my flight and then I will just keep spraying the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir.

It kind of seals everything in, keeps my skin hydrated during the flight. You can use these especially in really dry areas like airplanes, if your in the desert or if you’re at coachella!

Read the ingredients in the back of the label if there’s anything like alcohol or  ethanol. If it’s one of the main ingredients, skip it.


woman putting cream on left check with her left index finger


I like using the  Vitamin C Creme from Banish because it has two different forms of Vitamin C. The first ingredient is Aloe Vera leaf juice so you’re basically putting aloe vera on your skin every night.

I take this and put a thick layer on my skin and then I will put the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir on my skin and spray my skin with it right after so it kind of moisturizes and sinks into my skin but use a really good moisturizer, make sure that you understand the ingredients in there, make sure there’s nothing that has mineral oil or  paraben,  dimethicone,  simethicones, any kind of  silicones, no petroleum in there.

Use something that has natural-based ingredients so it will sink into your skin. If you cannot get the Banish products, I would recommend as an alternative, going into your local whole foods, or natural store, and using something on your skin.


woman wearing white long sleeves drinking a glass of water


I actually drink so much water and I’m really happy that I have these issues because it has forced me to be really healthy. For example, if I don’t drink enough water, I develop migraines, so I’m always peeing, I’m always drinking a ton of water. I always stay hydrated.

So you always want to stay hydrated. Good skin comes from the inside out. Drinking a lot of water, avoiding alcohol, avoiding a ton of coffee, sugar, will help your skin look and age beautifully and gracefully!


man using the Banisher 2.0 on right cheek


I think that  collagen induction therapy is one of the lowest hanging fruit, it’s really inexpensive, and it has really great results, very little downtime especially with our new  Banisher  product. But for those who are not familiar with how collagen induction therapy works, in your skin, there’s a lot of elastin fibers in there or what you call collagen fibers.

After you turn 20, 1% of it is going to disappear. What we’re going to do with the Banisher is, it has tiny little needles, and we’re going to stamp it onto our face instead of rolling it.

It’s going to build tiny, little pockets in the skin, little holes in the skin and what it does is it’s going to be able to create a channel for the  Banish oil, which has pure Ascorbic Acid to go into the skin and then further speed up collagen and it kind of falsely induces collagen into the skin but we don’t care how collagen gets there, as long as it gets there, right?

It’s going to build that up and over time, your skin is going to interpret those tiny, little pin-pricked holes as an injury and your skin is going to use its natural defense and healing process by further building collagen into the skin and therefore, your skin is going to look as good as new, you’re basically forcing  collagen  into your skin by tricking it that there’s a wound in there, naturally.

I swear I don’t have crow’s feet or any kind of laugh line or wrinkles around my eyes.  I think it’s because I’ve been stamping my face and using the  Banisher  right along my temples, that is where the crow’s feet would’ve happened but because I’ve had acne scars there, I’ve been trying to get rid of it by using the Banisher and I don’t have anything there.

You know when I smile, there’s nothing that comes up there. It does run in my family, my family does have crow’s feet, I think the reason why I don’t have that is that I constantly use the Banisher.

But that’s totally okay, I’m 30 years old, lines are going to happen, I can’t prevent it but I just want to slow down the process, if possible. I don’t think I’m that extreme, I’m not going to train not to move my face, if I want to smile, if I want to develop laugh lines, if I want to develop smile wrinkles, that’s perfectly okay with me.


Comment below guys! I really want to know what your number one anti-aging secret is or if you know somebody who looks amazing for their age, let me know what their secret is because I want to get as many secrets as I can, so that way, I can know what is going on with people’s skin and what the truth about how their looking younger is.

‘cause who doesn’t want to look younger every day, right?

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