Natural Hydrating Lip Mask for Dry Cracked Lips

hydrating lip mask
by Kali Kushner

Being a natural skincare enthusiast, sometimes you try face mask after face mask and the results sorta begin to blend together. It’s natural! You start to crave something a little different than the typical sheet or mud mask. A few weeks ago I started looking into all different types of masks- hair, under eye, and even armpit masks (yes, they’re a thing!) That’s why when I heard of lip masks I went a little berserk! With the harsh winter weather and dry indoor heat, my lips have definitely been taking a beating and I couldn’t be more interested in healing these crusty bad boys. Water and chapstick are just fine, but for the condition of my lips, I knew it wasn’t going to be enough. I started looking into lip masks and shortly discovered the all natural Nugg lip treatment set.





nugg all natural lip treatment set



Because just one isn’t enough, the Nugg 100% All Natural Lip Treatment Set comes with a lip smoother AND a lip-mask (score!). Below are the claims:


The lip smoother: exfoliates and smoothes with cocoa butter, jojoba, and sugar granules.

  • A luxiorious lip scrub and smoother gently removes dry skin while also hydrating and conditioning lips, leaving them deliciously soft and smooth
  • All natural and vegan with jojoba wax, sugar, cocoa butter, jojoba seed oil and sunflower seed wax
  • Yummy natural vanilla bean aroma



The lip mask: hydrates and nourishes with coconut oil, shea butter, and liquorice root.

  • Deeply hydrating, all natural and vegan lip mask helps to combat dry lips and prep them for flawless lipstick application
  • Shea butter, coconut oil and Irish moss extract nourish and condition while liquorice root extract helps to enhance lips
  • Refreshing natural and minty aroma



the packaging



The Nugg all natural lip treatment set comes with two metallic nuggets, one rose gold sphere containing product for exfoliation and one plain gold sphere containing product for smoothing. It’s $15 and each little sphere is supposed to have around 30 treatments in it, so really that’s only .50 per mask. Not too shabby! Each sphere contains a generous amount of product, filled up about halfway with a protective seal to keep safe from any free dirt or debris floating around.


The box is limited edition, exclusively out right now for holiday! I could see this being a really cute gift to get a gal pal who’s into lipstick (for that perfect finish) or even as a stocking stuffer for a sibling who’s a beauty lover. The boxes design is really elegant and feminine with light pink rose petals and a more opaque pink text to match.





The Lip Smoother 4/5


The instructions didn’t specify wether to use one mask or both so I went ahead and double masked, starting with the lip smoother. When applying the mask it is a little messy, you only need a tiny tiny tinyyyy amount. Once you have layered the lip mask on you can rub your lips together, rub the product on your lips with your finger in a circular motion, or let the sugar beads dissolve naturally.


The lip smoother smells absolutely delicious, I definitely get a full whiff of the delicious vanilla bean smell. The sugar beads weren’t too harsh or over bearing, I found they provided just the right amount of exfoliating for my super chapped lips! The texture was that of any lip exfoliator you’ve probably already tried on the market, a little thick with sugar beads that dissolve.


It only took about five minutes for the lip smoother to dissolve completely, leaving behind a little waxy film. The film kind of bothered me, like a film a face wash leaves behind kind of making you feel more dirty then when you began. It didn’t really remove all of the dead skin from my lips or make them appear any more aesthetically attractive, it did however make them super soft which I am assuming is from the cocoa butter. I noticed that after using the lip smoother there were some pieces of dead skin literally hanging from my lips, waiting to be sloughed off completely so I then moved onto the lip mask.





The Lip Mask 5/5


After applying the lip smoother then removing the remaining residue with a tissue I moved onto the lip mask. Following the instructions, I used a generous amount of product and left the mask on for about 20 minutes. The instructions state for a more intense hydration, you can even leave the mask on overnight! Kind of crazy, but after my experience, it is definitely something I’m willing to try.


I felt kind of goofy with this super thick mask that resembled frosting smeared all over my lips, but what the heck! Is it really that different than smearing a mask that resembles dirt on your face? Probably not. I noticed a strong peppermint smell which I absolutely lovvvvved. Peppermint is amazing for headaches, mental clarity, and anxiety, many times you can find peppermint in my essential oil diffuser at home- I’m pretty obsessed (for reals).


Anyways, I am a complete 100% fan of the refreshing peppermint smell of the lip mask and because my lips were so intensely chapped it also offered a slight tingle. I feel like when products tingle, or make me feel any sensation for that matter, that means the ingredients are actually working. Maybe it’s bogus but hey it’s gotta be doing something right? After about 5 minutes the tingling subsided and it just sat on my lips for a good 15.


I found it sort of hard not to press my lips together and move the product around because the texture really is icing like- super smooth and creamy (almost makes ya want to eat it, but don’t!). Once the 20 minute mark was up, I removed the mask and noticed my lips looked AMAZING. All of the dead skin was completely dissolved, and my lips looked insanely plump. The texture was even and appeared to be showing new skin in place of the old dried out patches. I am pleased to say that this product, really really works. And if you have dry lips don’t even give it a second thought. This little golden nugg(et) is all you need.


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