NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads Review

By Brigid Anderson


The neogen bio-peel peeling pads are some of my favorite exfoliates. 

When it comes to shopping for exfoliators I have a few requirements. First, they have to be gentle but they also need to be effective. In my experience this is a hard thing to balance. I've tried some really amazingly effective exfoliants, but they end up being too harsh for my skin. Sure...they leave my skin smooth, but they also exfoliate a little too well, leaving my skin susceptible and sensitive.


Second, I prefer my exfoliants to have some kind of magical powers...some added benefit that treats concerns as well as exfoliates. I don't like exfoliants that are JUST exfoliants. They almost seem like a wasted step if they have no added benefits. They just need to bring something else to the table.


The NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling pads have been on my radar for quite some time. They have been added to my cart on various sites for a few months, but up until recently I've always moved them to “Save for Later”. I didn't need them quite yet and I wanted to do some more research before committing and adding something new to my routine.


I couldn't decide between two of the three formulas of the Bio Peel pads offered by NEOGEN, so naturally I bought both. I purchased the Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine ($27) and the Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon ($27).


What is NEOGEN?


NEOGEN Dermalogy is a Korean skin care line that has been gaining popularity in the K-Beauty arena and is now even sold at Sephora. Out of the many K-Beauty brands I've researched, NEOGEN has the most mind-boggling scientific methods used in the creation of their products. There's so much info on their site about their process and methodology that once you read it you come away feeling smarter, impressed, and confident in buying their products. They even hold quite a number of patents.


NEOGEN utilizes 6 core technologies in their process of formulating products: Bio-Conversion, Neo-Nature Sustainability, Bio-Greentoxing, Dermaceutical, Sub-Micro Stabilization, and Plant Stem Cell.


Impressive, right?


I won't go into too much detail about each of those technologies, but if you're interested in reading further you can check out NEOGEN's site HERE.


The Product


NEOGEN's Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads come in three formulations: Wine, Lemon, and Green Tea. The two I'll be reviewing are the Wine and the Lemon.


The Bio-Peel pads are two sided exfoliating treatment pads soaked in a solution that you use after cleansing with your regular cleanser on dry skin twice weekly. Each jar contains 30 pads, so each jar will last quite awhile since they're not meant for daily use.


The Wine formula claims to promote visibly clearer, smoother and tighter skin. Taken from the container “Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine is a easy to use, soft exfoliating pads that offer all the benefits of home peeling in one step. It provides gentle but effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities and lifting of sagging skin, leaving skin smoother, brighter, and tighter.”


The Wine contains Resveritol, a powerful antioxidant that contains naturally occurring AHA's which aids in the exfoliation process, and possesses anti-aging benefits.


The Lemon also claims to promote visibly clearer, smoother skin, but offers brightening where the Wine tightens.


The Lemon contains...well, lemon. Lemon is a super hero when it comes to Vitamin C, and has proven benefits in lightening and brightening the skin and discoloration.


One side of the pad is the gauze exfoliation side, and the other is a quilted soft side. There is a pocket between the two sides to insert your fingers in order to use. The exfoliator side pulls up dead skin cells, and the soft side is used to sweep away the debris.


After using you simply rinse and pat your skin dry.





The Packaging


I love the jars these pads come in. They're thick, clear, quality plastic with modern looking labels. The lids screw open and closed and close securely to prevent evaporation of the liquid contained within.


The pads are easy to remove and I love the fact you can see how many pads are left in the jar.


The jars are quite large and do take up some room. However, these jars are perfect to use for other purposes once you use all the pads. I'm all about utilizing great packaging for other purposes and these jars are ideal for all sorts of uses.


Using the Bio-Peel Pads


Both formulas, the Wine and the Lemon, smell amazing in my opinion. They won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy the scent of each.


The Wine smells a bit like wine, but more than than that it smells like grape juice. It's a bit sweet and smells as if the pads will be sticky, but they're not in the least. The Lemon is very strong but fresh, and smells just like lemon juice.


If you're opposed to strong scents, you're likely not going to enjoy the scent of these.


I've been using each type once a week for 3 weeks in order to reap the benefits of each without over exfoliating my skin. What I've found is that there is a learning curve with using these because as gentle as the pads feel on the skin, they are expert exfoliators.


The first time I used one of these pads I accidentally over exfoliated my nose. I honestly could not feel how deeply they were exfoliating my skin and I went a bit overboard. Their gentle quality is deceiving, so I highly recommend being extremely conscientious about how long you exfoliate each area, as well as how much pressure you are using.


They feel really refreshing as you're using them despite the fact they're sloughing off dead skin. They don't lather up and neither formula stings my skin. I was a bit concerned about the Lemon at first since I'm a little sensitive to citrus, but surprisingly I haven't experienced any issues...even when going over my annoyingly irritated chin. The most benign products sting that area easily, but these pads do not.


After using the exfoliating gauze side between 5 and 10 seconds in each area, I rotate the pad on my fingers to use the soft quilted side to wipe over the skin. At this point I can already feel how much smoother my skin feels.


The excess solution rinses off easily and rather quickly which is fantastic! Other exfoliators require SO much rinsing, especially when using exfoliants with particles that easily get stuck in the hairline and brows.


Upon rinsing, my skin is CRAZY smooth! Not only that, my skin feels moisturized! How often can you say that an exfoliant leaves your skin feeling moisturized? I'll wait...




I'm kind of mad at myself for putting off buying these for so long. Truly.


I honestly can't remember a time I've been so in love with an exfoliating product. They make my skin feel so even in texture without leaving my skin aching for moisture.


Since using these pads, my skin tone is brighter, I've had zero dry patches...ZERO! My skin does feel tighter and my pores are more refined. I've had no breakouts since using these pads which is totally record-breaking for my skin in a span of 3 weeks.


When used as instructed, these exfoliating pads gently and effectively create a smooth and balanced surface. My skin feels like it can finally breathe, like I don't have all this stuff clogging my pores and weighing my skin down. My skin feels a deep down clean that is almost indescribable. It's honestly something you need to experience to understand.


If I had to pick a favorite it would definitely be the Wine version. There's just something about it that makes my skin look lit-from-within healthy. My skin feels so wonderful that I honestly can't see a time where I will stop using these pads. They have really been a priceless addition to my routine.


Say goodbye to scrubs...this is where it's at.


These are an absolute MUST try if you are in the market for a new, more gentle method of exfoliation that definitely brings something special to the table. They are worth their weight in gold.

If you need a stronger weekly exfoliator, give the pumpkin enzyme masque from Banish a try!  



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