Is Microdermabrasion an Effective Treatment for Acne Scars?

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Is Microdermabrasion an Effective Treatment for Acne Scars?

By Kali Kushner



*This review is NOT sponsored. Below is MY 100% real and honest opinion on the PMD Device!*

In the never-ending world ofpromised acne scar treatments, I somehow stumbled across the idea ofmicrodermabrasion as a possible fix for scars AND active acne. Dermatologists and acne scar sufferers alike haverepeatedly shot down the idea ofmicrodermabrasion as a viable option fortreating acne scarring. Mostargue that the device cannot penetrate deep enoughand therefor will not stimulate new cellregeneration andencourage skin repair that is needed to heal scarring.

Thenthere's the other side, who swear by microdermabrasion for clear, glowing, ageless skin!Plus, countless online before-after pictureswithresultsofskinsuper-healing from acne,scars, and wrinklesare prettypersuading if you ask me.So, naturally, after watching countless (mostly sponsored)YouTube videos and visibly seeing amazing results on active acne and acne scarring- I thought that I would trythePersonal Microderm device (PMD)for myself and let you guys knowwhetheror notit’s thereal-deal.


What is Microdermabrasion?


Think of a rough piece of wood, it may havedivots, lumps,bumps, and rough uneven edges. Now, when youcontinuously sand that wood overtime it will completely flatten out giving you thedesired result; a completely smooth, softand uniform piece.Microdermabrasion works in that same exact way, but on your skin! You're basically using these microbuffing pads to shed away excess skin cells, dirt, and debris. Withcontinuous use overtime,microdermabrasion can help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and acne scars, leaving you with a smooth, flawless complexion!

A typical microdermabrasion machine uses aluminum oxide crystals or diamond tips,andso does thePMD! The machine creates a gentle suction which pullsyour skin closer to the exfoliating disc and removes dead skin cells, revealing a clear, healthy complexion.Microdermabrasion allows fordeeper product absorption, meaning that all your creams, lotions, and potions (in theory),should beabsorbed 20x better, meaning they will work 20x better.

Microdermabrasion has historically been used for as an anti-aging treatment, and with acne scars it makes sense! Any product that promotes itself as anti-aging or claims to reduce lines and wrinkles, I findalmost ALWAYS works for my acne scarring. This is because the top layer of skin has beenaffected in asimilar way withdepletion or loss ofcollagen. That's why microdermabrasion works so well for a variety of different skin issues, ithelps to jump start the collagen building process andrejuvenate the skin!

People are now utilizing themany different uses of microdermabrasion;as an acne treatment, to lightendiscoloration and age spots, reduce fine lines, fade acne scarring, get rid of blackheads and enlarged pores, as well as evenskin tone.


Why PMD?


If you've ever looked aroundfor a dermabrasion or microdermabrasion session, you will quickly realize that the prices add up. Being anywhere from $60 to $300 fora singlesession, spa or in-office dermatologist treatments don't even come close to the effectiveness,accessibility, and cost of the PMD device. Ringing in at $159 for a full face and body kit, the PMD device proves to beextremely cost effective.Replacement discs are only $15-$20 dollars and typically come with 5 or more replacement heads; with each head lasting about a month. At that rate you've got five months of microdermabrasion treatments for only $20! That's insane!

Thesystem includes different levels of exfoliating discs, white for training/sensitive, grey forultra-sensitive, blue for sensitive, and green for moderate exfoliation. The option for different intensity gives you completecontrol over your microdermabrasionexperience, which I personally love. You can diveright into the moderate exfoliation discs if you feel thatyour skinisn't exactly sensitive, however make sure you first test the device on the back of your hand to ensure that the disc you've chosenisn't over exfoliating! I am completely aware that I haveultra-sensitive skin, so I decided to start with the white practice/starter disc and work my way up within a few months to the moderate disc.

As with any treatment (and from whatI've gathered onYouTube), the more abrasive the product, the better results you will receive. But- that doesn't mean you should go straight into the most abrasive disc, start with what your specific skin type can handle or what you feel is appropriate and then move your way up! This way you can avoid anyunnecessary skin damage orirritation from jumping into it full force. 





The PMD Packaging


ThePersonal microdermabrasion hand and body kit comes with:


  • Personal Microderm Tool & Electric Power Cord
  • Exfoliating Discs 1 Ct White (Training/ Ultrasensitive)
  • 2 Blue discs (Sensitive Exfoliation)
  • 2 Grey discs (Ultra Sensitive)
  • 2 Green discs (Moderate Exfoliation)
  • 2 Reusable caps (1 Large for Body Exfoliation & 1 Small for Facial Exfoliation)
  • 1 Reusable filter
  • Written Instructions & How To DVD


There isa white exfoliation/practice disc that isn't listed in thegeneraldescription butalsocomeswith the kit!The device itself has a great designandisextremely sophisticated, easily fitting into the palm of your hand without being overlyawkward or too heavy. Thehandle, which the discs sit into, is a lightgrey-blue and white with a small curvature, so that it fits snug into yourhand.It isextremely simple without any fuss. There are no speed settings on this device, simply an on or off switch.

The box also comes with an instruction card and a warning about watching the tutorial to ensure proper usage of the PMD. Usually I would just wing it (cause that’s what I do) but because I watched horror stories of people burning themselves or misusing the deviceand actually givingthemselvesmorescarring;I watched both the tutorial and read the instruction card thoroughly before proceeding to use the personalmicroderm!


My Experience with the PMD


My firstimpression of the PMD device was that it'skind ofnoisy,TBH. As soon as you turn the device on you hear a pretty loudbuzzing noise that lasts through the entirety of your treatment. However, afterthe device hits yourskin, the pitch of the noise changes and beginsto sound more suction-cupy as it glides across the surface. I found the treatment session only lasted about 5-10 minutes so it ended up not being toobig of an issue but, if the treatment were longer, say an hour or two,ya girldefinitely would have needed some ear plugs.

I started out with the least abrasive disc- the white disc, which is made for practicing andultra-sensitive skin. I didn't find that my skin literally shed or flaked off like in the how-to tutorial videos but therewere little bits floating around in the cap of the device which got me pretty excited that it was working.

The feeling of the PMD deviceisn't tooabrasive; it definitely feels likelow-grade sandpaper moving across your face butIdidn't find it to beoverlyirritating or the slightest bit painful,andthat's saying a lotsinceI have super sensitive skin.It, honestly, is kind ofreminiscent of a beard rubbing up against your skin (which maybe is a cheaper alternative-hay hay!).You only need to pass over each section once, which proved to be quitedifficult for me. I knew I missedtidbits of my face and really wanted to go backtotreat thembut couldn't without potentially harming the previously treated areas. For this reason, I found the one-pass method to be quick but not as efficient as say,micro needling, where you can pass over the same spot multiple times or go back over an area that needs more work.

One of the strangest parts of the whole experience was using the device over active acne. With previous treatmentsI've used you have to go around the acne, that wayyou don’t potentially spread the bacteria. Naturally, I couldn't help but think this device should be treated in the samemanner. Nope! It actually tells you to go over the acne and that it will help to exfoliate your skin- what thewha? At the end of my treatment, I slid the tool over the few spots I had and much to my surprise it turned out completely fine! A few days later, and the spots were almost completely gone and I am still in shock to be honest.

The results are noticeable almost immediately. Right after the treatment was finished my skin was a little red andirritated so,I applied the vitamin c crème from banish to help regenerate new skin cells and further fade any hyperpigmentation.As I was rubbing the cream into my skin I noticedthat my skin wasSOsoft and smooth. Any rough areas or dry texture patches seemed to immediately flatten out, becoming smooth and uniform.My face did feel kind of hot, notnecessarily burnt but definitely hot for about an hour.Over the next few days I noticed that my skin felt cleaner and had a nice healthy glow to it.


Quick Pros and Cons of the PMD


Just to recap,here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons I found usingthe PMD device:



  • Convienent
  • Little to no down time
  • Cost effectivecompared to in office or spa treatments
  • Replacement parts are cheap
  • Can be used once a week
  • Results after first use




  • Noisy
  • Must move quickly while using the device
  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin, couldirritate or worsen skin condition
  • Replacement disc only lasts 4 uses
  • Can be difficult to properly sanitize



My Final Thoughts on the PMD


From just one use I have seen positive enough results to say thatyes, it does work.With continued use and experimenting with more abrasive discs, I really believe overtimeI will get the results I desire;clear skin, minimized redness, and a smooth, even complexion.

I am surprised that even with the least abrasivediscmy skin feltso smoothandmy acne started to clear up the next day.I'm beyond looking forward to my next session, I actually have it written down in my calendar and really feel that becauseof its effectiveness and low price, it is something I can stick with. The process is extremely quick, and with my super busy lifestyle it feels like a match made in heaven.

Have you used the PMD or tried other Microdermabrasion treatments? Did they work or not? Let me know in the comments below!


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