Banish's Rewards Program : Banish Stars!

Banish Stars - Our rewards program for our banish soldiers!  Sign Up, Get rewarded right away!  Receive $5 off us when you create an account


For every $ spent at BANISH, you’ll earn stars that you can redeem for coupons. You’ll also access special offers as you reach new tiers like free shipping! 

Through the program, you will be eligible to earn Stars whenever you engage with BANISH, such as making a purchase, and writing reviews.



You can earn stars through the following activities: 

Create a Banish account: New customers who sign up for the program will get started with a $5 discount!  

Birthday Stars: Celebrate your birthday with some free stars!

Purchases: All qualifying purchases earn 10 stars for every $1 dollar spent.

Write a review:  Write a review to receive 200 stars!

Recycling Program:  Send back 5 bottles/jars to get 2000 stars.

 banish reward stars programHOW DO I SPEND MY BANISH STARS?

You will receive a coupon code for the following amounts: 

All Banish Stars members can take part in our recycling program! send back 5 jars or bags and get 2000 stars!

You can redeem the following discounts:


$5 off  

$10 off  

$20 off

$30 Off

$50  Off


If you have both a gift card and a coupon code, they can be used together for a purchase. 

Enjoy shopping! Can’t wait to hear your Banish journey! 


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Cinthia Rios

Cinthia Rios

I have 5 recycle bottles I would like to send back:
1 defender bottle
2 vitamin C cream jars
1 pumpkin enzyme masque jar
1 fighter gel bottle jas

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