Ridiculously Refreshing (And Adorable) K-Beauty Sheet Mask Slices

Ridiculously Refreshing (And Adorable) K-Beauty Sheet Mask Slices
By: Kali Kushner


From sheet masks to lips masks and foot masks alike- I thought I had tried every mask on the market, that is until I discovered slice sheet masks! Exactly what they sound like, slice sheet masks mimic the shape, smell, and nutrients of the vegetable, fruit, or flower they’re infused with. Imagine the classic cucumber slices you’d place on your eyes during a spa facemask, then swap the vegetable for sheet mask discs that smell delicious and you pretty much get the picture.

Options include watermelon, tomato, lemon, cucumber, and rose petals just to name a few. Because of their circular shape, you can use them wherever you need a little extra love and attention; your face, neck, arms, décolleté, and even legs!They’re exactly the type of spunky fun skincare you’d expect from K-Beauty with the results to back it up.

One brand that’s killing it in the slice sheet mask game happens to be none other than Korean Mega Brand Kocostar. Sold practically everywhere from Forever 21 and Anthropology to Target and Ulta, these sheet mask slices work to target several skin concerns. Pineapple for elasticity, tomatoes for brightening, while cucumber and watermelon are all about hydration. Just peel a slice from the sheet of discs and place it on an area of concern. You already know that I had to try out these good enough to eat face masks for myself, just to see what the hype was all about.

The Pros

  • Smells Amazing

Whether its cucumber or watermelon, these fruit infused slices of goodness smell good enough to eat. The watermelon actually smells like watermelon, cucumber like cucumber, and snozzberries like snozzberries. Just kidding on the last one, but I couldn’t resist. And while smell shouldn’t be the number one factor in determining your skincare, it doesn’t hurt when a delicious smelling product makes its way into your skincare routine every now and again. Especially since we all know most acne centered products don’t exactly smell the greatest.

  • Tailored to your skin 

Whether you’re looking for hydration, glowing skin, elasticity, firmness, or brightening there’s a sheet mask set tailored to fit your needs. You can focus on problem areas by placing different slices on the sections of your face that need the most love. Tailor your masking experience to fit your exact needs!

  • Fits on your face

The number of times a sheet mask has fit perfectly on my face? Exactly 0. Its either too big and is left sagging off my face, or so small that I'm left wondering if there something wrong with the shape of my face. With these convenient slices you don’t have to worry about the eye holes being too low or the mouth too high, simply place wherever you need the most love.

  • It Actually Works

As far as I'mconcerned, these little discs actually work. The watermelon slices left my skin plumper, cucumber gave more hydration, and lemon increased brightness all around. 

  • Super Fun!

Unless it’s one of those trendy fizzy masks or a peel off one that shows every clogged pore inside your nose, it’s not every day you get to talk about how fun your skincare is. These discs made me feel silly (in a good way) like I took a bunch of stickers and placed them all over my face. These would be perfect for a slumber party, a get together with friends, or even to use by yourself.

  • Only $5 a mask

If I haven’t convinced you yet, you’ll be excited to know that they come at a reasonable price. At only $5 a pack, this mask stands at a fairly competitive price when compared to other sheet masks on the market.

The Cons

  • Effectiveness is Questionable

While I felt my skin looked better overall after treatment, I'mnot exactly sure how scientifically effective these masks would be against real skin problems like acne, scars, or deeper wrinkles.

  • Scent may Irritate Sensitive Skin

The scent was quite lovely and non-irritating for me personally, but I recognize that not everyone will feel the same way. The scented discs may be irritating or too harsh for sensitive skin.

  • Not the Most Convenient

Doing a sheet mask may be a lot simpler than sticking several discs to your skin, which can get a little tricky. Probably not the most convenient mask on the market.


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