Showing All My Pimple Scars

I’m just going to dive right into my story. I am a girl who is 18 years old and who has scars not only on her face but on my arms, chest, and back as well. My scars have always made me feel self-conscious and there were times (years) where I have actually worn long sleeve shirts and wore my hair down to cover up my entire face. I literally wore layers and layers of clothing on the hottest of Summer days just so that no one could see my scars.

Eventually, as I got older, round about 17 years old, I realized that it shouldn’t matter what people think of my skin. I started wearing shorter shirts and wore my hair up more…but then people starting asking questions. Questions like: “Why do you have so many scars?”, “What are those marks from?”, “Have you tried tissue oils for those scars?”. What people don’t realize is that when you have as many scars as I do, you use everything that you can possibly get your hands on to make them go away. I used different products, tissue oils, soaps, medication and I was even going to try skin bleach as a last resort.

But then I heard about Banish and I thought to myself maybe this could be what clears my skin for good! I have heard about derma rollers before and how effective they can be in scar removal. Due to the prices of derma rollers, I could never afford them. The way your skin looks gives people a certain impression of you. If you have pimples people automatically assume that you don’t take care of your body and when you have marks people are judgemental.

I’ve lived with my scars for far too long and I am ready to get rid of them once and for all! I’ve often felt sad over the fact that I have scars, why do I have to be someone who has acne and scars because to me that was just so unfair. I am still hopeful that one day I’ll find a product that will take my scars away once and for all. All that I’ve ever wanted in life was to have clear skin and not have to cover my skin up with makeup when I am out in public. Although I do love my makeup, I would love my skin to be radiant and clear.

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