The Four Best Acne Patches on the Market Right Now

The Four Best Acne Patches on the Market Right Now
by Kali Kushner


If you read my previous post regarding hydrocolloid bandages, you know by now how effective they are against whiteheads, popped pimples, and cystic spots. They work by drawing out the infection deep within the surface and absorbing all the acne-causing bacteria in its path. The result? The blemish is greatly reduced in size and inflammation is completely gone. Clear, soothed, blemish-free skin; what more can we ask for? (To read the original blog post all about the science behind hydrocolloid bandages click here.)

Previously I reviewed the Nexcare hydrocolloid bandages, I've been using them for a while and I absolutely love them. However, with all the acne patches on the market I wondered if there was something else better out there or- if they were really that different after all. That’s when I got the idea, why don't I test out them all and see which is best? Surprisingly, they're quiet vastly different.


the top acne patches

After scowling the internet for a few hours, I found that several patches that continued to show up time and time again. These four patches were all highly rated and recommended by the beauty community so, I decided to test them out myself. The four different brands of acne patches I decided to give a whirl at are:

  • Acne Cover Patch
  • Acne Absorbing Covers
  • Acne Pimple Master Patch
  • The Mighty Patch



Acne Cover Patch: Best for Daytime Wear

Creator: Avarelle

40 Patches

11.99 USD

Pros: Contains tea tree and calendula oil, variety of patch sizes, thinnest patch, blends in seamlessly with the skin, great for daytime wear.

Cons: Least absorbent, on the pricey side.

Overall Experience: I found that the Avarelle patch was best to wear during the day. I would typically put one on in the morning and then remove it at night (replacing it with another more absorbent patch). I like these the most for daytime wear because they're the absolute thinnest and blend in seamlessly to any skin tone. It's almost impossible to see these to the naked eye, unless someone is super close to you, like inches away. I felt like I could go out in public with these and not feel ridiculous compared to the thicker yellow colored bandages.

Unfortunately, I don't feel like these are very absorbent compared to the other bandages but they do protect the wound from any excess bacteria and help to encourage quicker healing. I don't mind the price tag on these because they come with 40 patches, are infused with tea tree and calendula oil, and have a huge range of patch sizes. The Avarelle Acne Cover Patch is definitely hands down my favorite if you're wanting to wear a patch during the day.



Acne Absorbing Covers: Most Absorbent

Creator: Nexcare

36 Patches

6.99 USD

Pros: Price is on the cheaper side, variety of patch sizes, most absorbent, good for nighttime wear.  

Cons: Thickest, doesn't blend into the skin, yellow orange tint.

Overall Experience: These were the very first patches I tried andddddd.. I still love them! I've found that these are by far the most absorbent out of all of the patches. However, this also means that they're the thickest and slightly off colored due to the hydrocolloid content. They definitely stand out if you're trying to wear them during the daytime but they're absolutely perfect for night time wear!

These are fairly sticky. They'll stay on but they're not going to pull at your skin or leave an irritation mark, they've got just the right amount of staying power. If you're looking for a patch that will absorb the most acne causing bacteria in its path try giving the Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers a try.



Acne Pimple Master Patch: Best Deal Overall

Creator: COSRX

24 Patches

4.99 USD

Pros: Cheapest in price, variety of patch sizes, second thinnest, can find cheaper bundles on amazon

Cons: Least sticky

Overall Experience: These are pretty good! They're a mash between the acne cover patch by Avarelle and the acne absorbing covers by Nexcare. They've got the absorbency of the acne absorbing covers but the transparency of the acne cover patch. They're the second thinnest, and though you can see them they're not super noticeable. They blend into the skin and absorb well at the same time. Not to mention, these are the cheapest at around $5 a box.

The only downside with the patches is that they don't have the greatest staying power. I found that sometimes the edges would pop up throughout the day but it wasn't anything terrible. You just have to push it down occasionally to make sure it stays. The COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches are definitely overall the best deal!



The Mighty Patch: Longest Wearing

Creator: Hero Cosmetics

36 Patches

12.99 USD

Pros: Patches are all one size, medium thickness (not too thick, not too thin)

Cons: Most expensive in price, yellow tint, too sticky

Overall Experience: My initial reaction was that these are extremely smooth to the touch. Compared to all the other patches, these definitely have a different feel which is what makes them stand out the most. Now, this can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing. The smoothness makes them kind of matte appearing against the skin which is nice. But, I really couldn’t stop touching my face because I wanted to feel the texture of the spot. Luckily, I wasn't rubbing my hands all over my face, but because the texture is pretty different compared to the other hydrocolloid bandages I've tried it's definitely something you've got to get used too.

If you're looking to wear a hydrocolloid spot for a few days, the Mighty Patch by Hero Cosmetics is going to be your go to. They've got incredible staying power; lasting all day through a sweaty workout and a steamy shower, it was nice that I didn't have to keep pressing the bandage down or checking to make sure it was still there. However, this stickiness comes at a price. I found every time I went to take the patch off that it pulled at my skin and was slightly uncomfortable. Sometimes the patch even left a mark from irritation. I get the whole sticky thing they're going for, but it was just a bit too much for my super sensitive skin!




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